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Thread: 1/1 add check it out.

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    1/1 add check it out.

    Wanted to show off my Show pickup. Had a ok show that i sell at once a month and during a lull i looked around and a guy had this card he told me he pulled it at that shop we were set up in back in December.
    I said love that card i probably don't have enough but what do you need for it ? He said i don't need much. How about 25. I said no problem.
    So without further adu my 1st NFL logo shield of a player i loved.
    2007 LCM Black 1/1 Chris Chambers.

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    not bad! i think you got a pretty good deal.

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    shield 1/1 for 25 bucks, not a bad deal at all!
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    Always good to grab a sweet 1/1 PC card for relatively cheap!

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