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    Where is this patch from ///???????

    Ok so Ive been looking to see just where this came from and can not find a GU jersey to support the patch any help pleasen thank you

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    To me it looks like part of the 4 from 14 on the back of his jersey

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    Well its obviously from his Minnesota Days... Looks like part of the 4...

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    Actually looks like it's off his shoulder number, used photoshop to add your piece on top of where it looks like it goes

    This is the original

    And with your piece added

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    Thats awesome !!!!! It says sharks on the card so never thought to look at later teams he played for thanks so much ! that photoshop trick is great thanks again

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    Yup definitely the right size for the shoulder number... yeah I don't think he had skated a game with the Sharks yet to have them use a piece of GU jersey from that when this product released.

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    yep it is from his shoulder

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