Poll: Is Tracy McGrady a Hall of Famer?

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    Is Tracy McGrady a Hall of Famer? He's a 7 time all star, led the NBA in scoring twice in back to back years, and is currently 60th all time in NBA/ABA scoring.
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    I saw him here quite a bit when he was in Toronto and he had a lot of raw talent and who knows how the Raptors fortunes would have turned if they kept him instead of Vince? As far as the HOF is concerned I would say no just for the fact he has had next to no playoff success.

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    I am a big time T-MAC fan... He was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING in his prime... When he was in Orlando and healthy Tracy Mcgrady was one of the greatest scorers I have EVER seen...

    With that said, I do not think he was great for long enough and injury's really slowed him down. I voted no, but definitely a hardcore TMAC Fan!

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    I cry sometimes thinking about what could have been if Vince and TMAC were allowed to stay Raptors for an extended period. They had a good thing going and made the playoffs a couple of years in a row and then they just folded. They had everything. Two up and coming superstars in the league, Antonio Davis an all star big man and veteran leadership all over the court led by the likes of Charles Oakley and Chris Childs. Ya, I was a pretty hardcore Raptors fan and with how bad and how non-promising the current team is now, it just makes me wonder how good we could have been.

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    he might get in, but he's probably gonna have to wait awhile. one of my fav players of all time!

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    I don't know if he is a lock, but he had a pretty solid career and will surely eventually get in. He averaged 15 or more points per game for 10 consecutive seasons, for 7 of those seasons in a row he averaged 24 or more points per game. When you factor in that he essentially didn't play the 98-99 season and has mostly been a role player since the 09-10 season his career numbers aren't that bad since he really was only a starter for 12 seasons.

    His all-time NBA rankings: 57th in scoring, 96th in steals, 119th in blocks, 119th in defensive rebounds

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    I would echo the other statements. I would vote no, not good enough long enough. Zero playoff success, no enduring legacy in my mind. However, as others have said, Ralph Sampson!!!!!. I don't know now.

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    His only chance is if he leads the league in scoring and the Spurs to a championship next year.

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