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    Reason I Stopped Card Collecting (along with a Show and Tell)

    Haven't really posted much since leaving the hobby and clearing out the majority of my Sens collection. I still kept all my autographed cards though along with a few others and will occasionally pick up any card that catches my eye. Nevertheless, for the most part I'm out of the hobby (despite me taking a peak through these forums every day).

    The primary reason was cost, it was just starting to take up too large a percentage of my income (especially having recently become a Sens season ticket holder). The secondary reason though was just display purposes. I like displaying my Sens memorabilia, and found I could only display so much of my collection. In addition I found the casual fan who knows nothing about cards doesn't truly appreciate the value/rarity of the cards on display. The last reason (building on the last two) is that with the savings from no longer purchasing cards, it allowed me to go out and make the occasional larger Sens memorabilia purchase.

    Thus, I was recently able to acquire this beauty. Jakob Silfverberg's NHL debut game worn jersey from last year's Game 6 playoff game against the Rangers. Just watching him this season and I still can't believe I was able to obtain this piece! He really looks like he'll be a huge piece of the team for years to come.

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    Amazing jersey, congrats! I completely understand what you mean, I've only been back into collecting for a few months and it pretty much eats up all of my disposable income. Also, when trying to show off cards to friends, I find that they're more impressed with stuff like a signed Bobby Orr wire photo, than say, a super low numbered mem card. I'm thinking that I may do the same as you and just save for the big stuff that can be displayed, lately I've had my eye on some uncut sheets that would look great framed in my office or in the den. Are you planning on framing your jersey, or are you hardcore enough to wear it to Scotiabank?

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    If you are planning on displaying it - I recommend you go with an acrylic case.. something like this:

    (NOT my auction)

    As your collection (assumingly) grows, you'll want to change pieces out. Plus, any custom frame job requires the jersey to be pinned down (minor damage to the jersey, imo), likely will take up more wall space, probably be more expensive, and you won't be able to touch the jersey again.. ever.

    I've got 200+ game worn jerseys (selling most of them - - shameless plug) and trust me, the addiction builds and you'll want to admire everything you have... so if you're going with a display, use something that allows your jerseys to be changed out.

    By the way, I LOVE those throwback "O" jerseys.. you've got to get one of those!

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    Welcome back Kevin lol.

    What an amazing pick up. A true 1/1. Congrats on the the PC addition
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    Niice.. game worn /used equipment is way better than an expensive memorabilia card..or patch cuz u appreciate it more than a patch or shield which u mostly only appreciate for its value ..congrats:)

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    That's a really nice jersey for sure! Silfverberg is a great NHL'er, but I started noticing him way before he made it with the Senators. I remember watching him during the 2011-12 Swedish SHL playoffs and he caught everyone's attention. He scored, and scored, and then scored a couple more! Amazing player and a great addition to your collection.


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    I don't like to pay high bucks for memorabilia card, just like autograph cards. I can say, wow, this jersey is real thing!

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