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    Met a 2-time Hall of Fame Player this weekend

    I read on friday, that the Brunswick Euro Challenge had a stop in Munich, Germany.

    A very unique chance for me to finally watch some PBA players live.

    So I grabbed my things, jumped into the car and drove 600km from Berlin to Munich to play in the last qualification squad of the tournament.

    it was an amazing bowling hall.

    Dream Bowl Palace, Munich

    the last squad started at 9 p.m. and ended 1 a.m.

    not the best time, so my results were horrible.

    But it was still a very nice weekend, as I was able to watch players like:

    Chris Barnes, Mika Koivuniemi, Martin Larsen, Chris Loschetter, Osku Palermaa, Sean Rash, Ronnie Russell, Jason Belmonte, Tom Hess and Ildemaro Ruiz.

    I was able to grab some signed photos of a few players:

    but the greatest experience was to see Hall of Fame Player Parker Bohn III play...

    ... and talk to him.

    Very nice guy!

    So i was finally able to get my Parker Bohn card signed and it turned out really nice:

    He scored a 1563 (in six) in the first final round.

    Unfortunately he didn't make it through round 2 and Ronnie Russell finally won the tournament.

    What a great weekend.

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    Thanks for sharing the pic's. In person autos and actual photos with some of your favorite athletes is priceless IMO!

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    I have a bunch of bowling autographs myself but it's always cool to meet them in person. Met Pete Weber and Marshall Holman 8 years ago at a celebrity golf tournament and I met Mike Aulby's son on another message board and he was nice enough to have his father send some signed and personalized stuff for my brother and I.

    Haven't bowled in 3 years but I'm still a fan,just not of Jason Belmonte's. He comes across as an arrogant prick lol.
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