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    With Guy Boucher out, all eyes turn to Steve Yzerman

    Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman is learning itís far more difficult to run the hockey operations of an NHL team than it is to put together an Olympic roster of superstars from the strongest hockey nation in the world or apprentice with the Detroit Red Wings.

    When Yzerman fired Guy Boucher as Lightning coach Sunday morning, it was as much an indictment of the job he did in assembling the Tampa roster as it was how Boucher coached it. Perhaps even more. Yzerman admitted as much when he said, ďIt just isnít working, I have to assume full responsibility for it.Ē
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    What was Stevie Y's timeframe as part of the management team in Detroit? 1 or 2 years? I don't think that was enough time to apprentice to become an NHL GM. Also, with the structure of the Detroit management, I don't think that Stevie had a big say in the decision making compared to the people with more seniority. Plus knowing how Ken Holland operates, if he wanted Stevie Y to stay as part of the management team in Detroit, he would have made a push to retain him.

    The situation in Tampa Bay may turn into one where someone was given the GM role who wasn't fully prepared to be an NHL GM; someone who was made a GM based upon his reputation and name factor playing in the NHL rather management experience; and a team desperate to turn around their fortunes that they hired someone based upon name rather than who deserved the position. There have not been many NHL superstars who have done well in senior positions for an NHL team.

    Just my two cents.........

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    I disagree. You have 2 or 3 guys taking every shift seriously in Tampa. The rest are passengers. There is no team chemistry. Tampa's 3rd and 4th liners started out both this year and last on a hot streak, then disappeared.

    Yzerman has assembled enough decent players to be better than the Jets, they just are not performing. That is a Coaching problem, not a managerial one.

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