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Thread: 11/12 Contenders Case

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    11/12 Contenders Case

    DACARDWORLD has them for $700, 14 box case.

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    Looking to pull the trigger today.

    I'm leaning towards yes.

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    I would. Whale of a deal
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    $50 a box, awesome deal, go for it!
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    Depends on why you are purchasing it. If you are cracking to flip, you will probably lose even at that price. I did a case of Contenders at Expo and even with hitting an RNH and all of the usual case hits was not close to $700. If it is for PC it's a very fair price.

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    id say go for it! Great deal and the cards are great looking. I did a case mysaelf for christmas and it was fun and exciting! Best case I have opened.
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    yea man, that is a great deal. i agree with the guy above, if your flippin it you'll lose. if you wanna bolster up the trade bait and shoot for some PC stuff, its a deal!
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    It's obviously not likely to make you money, but it's a fun break!
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    Best bang for your buck case in my opinion, I've opened about 12 boxes and 3 out of 4 are usually worthwhile.

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    It's a good choice sir, better than most 12-13 hockey products. Artifacts and SPGU are awesome this year.

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