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    Another trip to the LCS. Another AUTO

    Stopped by the LCS just to see if I won the weekly drawing. Was not looking to buy anything. Decided to go with a pack of '13 Sage Hit. Pulled an AUTO. 5 packs I have bought now since returning to the hobby with my son, and 2 packs with an AUTO. Once again, someone I do not know. Sorry for the small scan. Haven't figured out why my scanner saves everything tiny!
    Of course for trade as always.


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    Top rated Tackle prospect in the upcoming draft. Most likely a top 5 pick. Nice pull.
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    Ok. Well hopefully he amounts up to something. I now have an auto of him and Dion Jordan.

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    Bear in mind, the Sage stuff doesn't hold its value for all that long. I would try and sell it before the 2013 product w/ the rookies in their pro unis come out.
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    So you have Luke Jockel who will go first overall and dion Jordan who I think might go fourth overall to chip Kelly. Not to bad.

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