About two two weeks ago I went ahead and did an Ebay team case break of 12-13 Titanium. Did cost nearly the amount of money they have recently been going for so I thought it was worth a shot. Here are the good....all of this stuff is for trade or sell except the redemptions which I have already redeemed.

Nice two color seams on the jersey and didn't think that I was going to win it but since I was the higher bidder for the Avalanche....I got lucky and it was mine!!!

Was really happy to see this pulled, since it pretty much paid for what I spent on the break. Just a plain white jersey but still a pretty cool card none-the-less.

Also ended up getting two redemptions....since that product has a butt-load of them:

Rookie RED for the AVS card #7.....not sure who it is but will do a little searching for the checklist here soon.

Limited Phenoms RED Mike Connolly card #224

Next up is one of my recent and as of late, scarce trades here on SCF.....SHOUT OUT TO HOCKEYCARDMAN.....thanks for the sweet tough-guy auto.

Think I did pretty good for what I paid for the case break but what do you guys think? Comments always welcome and appreciated.