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    Still looking for Pristine uncirculated and Chrome Xfractors

    Let me know who you have and what you are looking for, or check my site for a trade, thanks

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    Ill give you my Pristine Rasheed Wallace /325 for a nice card. I liked the Dwight Howard GU. Maybe I could add a David Harrison Topps Chrome Uncirculated /90 to even it out?

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    both cards are this year's? I forgot to put that in there... if so would you send first and I will post the trade.

    I have a few more chrome inserts too if you need them, saw other post.
    Jefferson second unit ref
    Horry Hardwood ref
    G.Hill Hardwood

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    Yes, I do.

    I;ll send first, but i really dont see why it's necessary. I have completed 10 trades on TCC, I just dont trade often on this site. I have ppl that can vouch for me if you need that.

    I will trade a Baron Davis uncirculated Topps Chrome /90 for Horry and Jefferson...LMK? If not I can throw something in, but Baron Davis is a pretty good player.

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    nutty nelly: this year only please
    nene: I'll trade Davis for one of those two, I don't normally trade GU for anything other than GU or autos but I'll trade for the Horry if you like, unless you can put something else for the Jefferson, prob. 15BV or so

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    Oh, and as for trading first, just a precaution since you don't have any feedback here yet.

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