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    Jordin Tootoo Motown Madness (progress of signing to many cards at once)

    Okay so I collect Tootoo cards and thought this is kinda funny....

    (Top cards in stack?): Starts off signing the way he usually does......

    (Gets bored of doing so many so shortens it up a bit ?)

    (Then even does so many he forgets his jersey number was changed a few years back?)

    So there are actually 3 variations to this card (that I've seen) and I've seen multiple copies of each signature....

    Whats with the 55 (Has never been 55 with Detroit)??? He changed to 22 way back when?

    No these aren't photo-shopped (all are on eBay)

    Just thought this was kinda different.

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    If anyone has a shortened (signature) version signed with 55 please let me know as I am looking to see if there are any :)

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    I noticed that too.

    I wonder if ITG had him sign all of the stickers at once OR if they are using ones that he signed in the past (under the assumption that ITG has players sign multiple extras in case of the need for a replacement or for future product use).
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    Could be a case of some new stickers and some old sticker stock were both used (sort of like Proberts old stickers still being used).

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    It's new and old stickers. ITG is just thanking God they have a reason to finally dump all those TooToo sticker autos. Nothing other than that.
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    I was going to say that the 3rd one (55 variation) looks like it was signed by someone different from the first 2. But I suppose if they are using stickers that were signed years ago, it's entirely possible that Tootoo's sig changed slightly. I think the 2nd one is kinda clever, signing "Jordin 22"

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    He shouldn't even be allowed in this set. This is what is called useless filler.

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    i have a Tootoo 07/08 bap sticker auto
    with Nashville ..looks exactly like the second one - "Jordan 22"

    its the gold version #/15
    lmk by pm if you're interested in it

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