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    Question Will Fleer Retro increase the value of older Precious Metal Gems?

    The older versions were harder to pull and feature the players in their NFL uniforms. So will new attention from the remake retro set increase their value?
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    I hope so- I'm sitting on an Andre Reed /150. As soon as he hits the HOF (with CC out of the way- he should be good)- that sucker is going on ebay.
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    Tim brown is next not reed
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    Quote Originally Posted by InDaSlot81 View Post
    Tim brown is next not reed
    I would love to see that- but right now I don't see Brown getting in before Reed. I know Brown had the better career, but he can't seem to make it to the final vote. Where as Reed been there at least the last 2-3 years. With CC no longer a factor- it'll be critical for Brown to make some final votes otherwise he'll stay 2nd banana to Reed.
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    Sold all of mine years ago except my Levon Kirkland ones and they won't be sold no matter what. Looking at the asking price for some of the old ones on eBay it is obvious that somebody thinks they will become popular again...$250 for Kordell Stewart...really??? LOL
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