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    The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2012-13 Select Basketball (Part One) MARC

    The future of Panini America’s popular Prizm technology is now. Actually, it was first previewed last week inside the company’s trademark Black Boxes distributed at the 2013 Industry Summit. The event-exclusive Green Prizm parallels teasing next Wednesday’s release of 2012-13 Select Basketball have generated mad-money sales in the days since.
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    these look great, and may end my panini boycott.

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    Yeah these cards look awesome. Only thing since Prizm
    that I've been excited to buy

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    So another version of PRIZM? Same technology.

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    Those Hot Rookies cards definitely look nice. Too bad Panini advertised this product like this:

    A brand-new release highlighted by the introduction of the exciting new Prizm printing technology. 175 Rookie Cards, where all have either an on-card autograph, or both an on-card autograph and a swatch of memorabilia!

    But when you check their blog for the latest QC on this, the scans reveal that they actually managed to make 90+ % of this stuff sticker autos. Only a handfull of players signed this stuff on-card, which in effect also makes it a messy set to collect because part will be on-card and part sticker.

    Another one in the line of Epic Fails, but thats just my opinion.

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    Yeah but really a little over done on the "hot rookies" white hot etc. Theme. The cards are a little cartoonish to me.

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