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    Hey Look, Some Hockey Parents Decided To Beat The Out Of Each Other

    When we last took a dip into the world of rage-y hockey parents, we saw a guy cheer the injury of a child before making violent threats toward another spectator, all while holding an infant in his arms. Today, we get to watch an entire group of angry hockey parents (dads and moms!) lose all sense of decency and start a brawl while their horrified children watch from the ice.

    According to the uploader of the YouTube video, this fracas took place at an Ontario Minor Hockey Association game this past weekend. We're not sure what age the kids on the ice are, but we can assume that they are old enough to have suffered plenty of emotional damage at the sight of their parents turning into goons. Hurray for youth sports!
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    Two things
    1: I want my daughter (and any future kids I have) to play sports. She's already (turned 2 on Saturday) showing major interest in sports, especially hockey and soccer (like a good little Canadian she also like football but no interest in basketball). I don't expect it to last, but I hope it does. Not just for the health aspects and definitely not for her to "make it" but for the life lessons team sports teach as well as just to watch her have fun. I was very involved in minor hockey, so I realize stuff like this is few and far between (when you think about the amount of hockey played in this country) but it still makes me question if something like swimming or tennis would be a better option.

    2: If you're going to film something, hold the flippin' camera still. I think I'm gonna be sick.

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    the kids were bantam age , six nations vs tweed , tweed won that game but six nations went on to win the championship next day in six nations . and heard it was all started by a bunch of tweed students and parents making rude and obscene language to six nations players . also it doesnt help that the tweed parents and students were intoxicated at the game . Nobody should be drinking alcohol at a kids hockey game . It happens everywhere when alcohol is involved sorry to say , Just let the kids play hockey . BRUTAL ON BOTH SIDES

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    Some parents seem to sign their kids up for THEMSELVES, not for their kids. It's sad.

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    hahahahahaha! The rage of parents living through their kids in sports will never end will it?

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    The parents involved need the CAHA to administer a 10 year, or even life-time ban to all of them. That means they cannot even attend a Junior game by paying admission.

    It might sound harsh, but this type of suspensions actually work.

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    wow they sure do breed ugly up there eh?

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