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Thread: 2013 Phillies Phestival

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    yeah to be fair I've never actually met utley. The phestival doesn't count, that's the only time I've ever gotten his auto. I could be way off base. He DID turn down my fiance on the street one time 1 on 1 for an autograph, but I am glad to hear he was a normal dude.
    Bringing any good trade stuff with you to Phestival?

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    havent put my binder together yet, I know that at the very least I will have a mcgwire 8x10, a dwight howard magazine, some phillies media guides from the early 80s.

    I'm sure I'll find a bunch of TTM dupes and IP dupes on cards as well and bring those.
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    What Phillies are you trying to get at Phestival?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly4for4Fan View Post
    We will be meeting up day of for trading while we wait for gates to open. We can talk then, and surely offer some guidance.
    Great, thanks, looking forward to it.
    What time are people getting there? Usually, by 2pm, there is a line of about 100 already.

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    and of course, by usually, i mean, the one time i went last year.. sorry..

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    Nobody do business with RyanPMeyer. I agreed to buy 2 phillies festival tickets from him and after I sent him the 30$ he never sent back the tickets. Everything he does is s scam! Do not do business with him!

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    phillyboi is a JOKE....I will post all of his text messages to me if you would like. He agreed to purchase 2 Phestival Admission tickets for $30 with FREE shipping. I mailed the admission tickets to him on Friday...the day after I received all of my packages. After I reduced the price to my remaining tickets he wanted the difference back! I said NO. He then told me he wanted his money back because Halladay is on the DL and that's who he wanted. He then throated legal action and to find me at the Phestival....also said I dontwanna mess with him and that Im a coward! If anyone wants to see the texts resent me just ask

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    Yes some of that is true but it doesn't disregard the fact that he never sent me the tickets! He lied about sending them. I would have received them by now had he really sent them

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    Also tried insulting my wife! This kid is a joke....his name is Dave Macey

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    Phillyboi....I told you I mailed them out on Friday

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