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Thread: 2013 Phillies Phestival

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    I offered FREE shipping...which entails an envelope with a FOREVER stamp or Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation for $5.80. I'm assumming he chose the FREE shipping either because he is cheap or knew that he was gonna run a scam

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    you never gave me a choice on shipping. You just sent them and I have not received them

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    I told you I would ship them when I received them. Sorry I waited 1 day after recieving the tickets. I texted you on Saturday that they were mailed on Friday. So far that is 2 mailing days! I am sure no matter what you will say that you never received them. This all started to be a problem when I reduced my pricing on remaining tickets and when another scf member posted that on the day of so etimes people give away tickets for FREE. Threatening me in texts that you are going to post on SCF that you are going to fight me at noon at Citizens Bank Park.....and if you win I give you your money, if I win You give me my money! Your an idiot only looking to pull something over on someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyboi90 View Post
    Nobody do business with RyanPMeyer. I agreed to buy 2 phillies festival tickets from him and after I sent him the 30$ he never sent back the tickets. Everything he does is s scam! Do not do business with him!
    I've done plenty of business with Ryan and have never had an issue. I've dealt with him on small deals as well as large deals and he always ships fast and without issue. He has even helped me to finish trades with others I had so I wouldn't miss out on the trade. He's an asset to this forum and a great trader

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    Gotta agree with Jack on this one. I've done 5-6 transactions with Ryan, plus he's helped me out at the Phestival, Carnival etc... He's a good dude.

    I don't know if you can call a nonreceipt out if it shipped two days ago. Gotta at least give it two weeks. And I truly hope the personal attacks alleged aren't true. This is a fun hobby and we are a group helping each other out. No room for that stuff

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    On to happier notes. Need any changes to the Spreadsheet by thursday lunch time. I leave for Vegas Friday so a final draft will be email out Thursday night.

    I will also have hard copies day of. Should we start talking about a time to meet up?

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    Was it posted as a trade? If not then even if he did scam you, no one on these boards, admins included, will help you, so don't waste our time.

    If it was posted as a trade, then you could contest the trade, but since I suspect you are lying, I don't think you will go that route.

    I'll vouch for Ryan too, and I've never dealt with the other party in this matter, but I think it was you that called me an idiot or something awhile back when I didn't rush to my inbox to answer your PMs about a certain sixer event.
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    We can all post a hundred times about what a legit guy Ryan is & I doubt anyone on here will stand up for phillyboi. I'd trade w/Ryan any day & feel 100% confident everything's on the up & up. Can phillyboi be banned from this thread as well as the phillyink one?

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    4-0 Ryan
    Still wanna bring all your "SCF" friends to your planned fight Ryan event at CBP at noon the day of the Phestival? Haha PhillyGrl is Phillyboi's NEW name

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