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    Aaron Hernandez Supercollection PC Showcase *Progress*

    I have decided to post up a progress of my Aaron Hernandez Super collection, this thread will be up to date postings of all my new Aaron Hernandez accusations! I have been collecting Aaron Hernandez since the day he was drafted by the Patriots. A local from CT, Aaron grew up only 20 minutes from me and actually graduated high school with one of my cousins. I followed Aaron playing throughout college and when draft day came along, it was really the icing on the cake for me to see him get drafted by my Pats! This is when I knew the player supercollection search had come to an end, he would be my new main PC! I should be on my way to a supercollector tag here, as well as my main goal, getting this showcased in beckett!

    Here are the cards I have thus far!
    Total cards: 134/540 (not including 1/1's)
    Autographed Cards: 32/191
    Game-Used Cards: 16/82
    1/1 Cards: 2/159

    Non-card Items:
    Aaron Hernandez signed Mini-helmet (New England Patriots)
    Aaron Hernandez signed Mini-helmet (Florida Gators)
    Aaron Hernandez/Rob Gronkowski signed FS Helmet

    Scans of all the hits can be found in the Patriots PC section of my photobucket!
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    just picked this up from the new National Treasures, first auto he has in the throwback NE uniform. hope to pick up the black /25 as well!


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    topps did a great job with five star this year, so glad Hernandez has a bunch of stuff in the product. Looking forward to picking up my first booklet of his as well as the regular on card auto. just picked up the patch auto /75!

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    and now i got the regular auto /200 out of the way, top priority will be getting that booklet!

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    Two great cards from Five Star. They sure do look nice, the set that is. Cool collection.

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    won my first booklet to add to my Hernandez collection! cannot wait to get it in, was surprised how much it rose in the last few minutes due to the time it ended (noon eastern). none the less a sick card, cannot wait to get it in with a magnetic for it also on the way, scan will be up as soon as i get it

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    Just Picked up the Five Star Hernandez auto /25! scan was blurry so ill put new one up once it comes in!

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    have to locate but i have a panini black friday card /5 somewhere

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