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    Breaking old boxes - cards stuck together

    I've heard that some pre-millenia boxes/packs, mainly those that has either foiled or metalized base-cards, have cards that are stucked together to the point that it's often hard/very hard/impossible to separate them without damaging them. Most often it's the foiled/metalized front that have glued or smeared off to the back, which in the end damages both sides of the cards.

    I've opened a few boxes of Upper Deck 1998/99 and some Ultimate Victory 1999/00 and both products had some cards that were stuck together, but it wasn't bad at all. Only a few Upper Deck-cards had some of the front metal stucked to the back.

    I've never opened a Topps Chrome/Finest/Gold Label myself but have heard/seen a few of breaks of these products and there seem to be a bit of problem with these. I thought it would be interesting to discuss this since I've contemplating buying a Topps Chrome/Finest in the near future. A few question to start the topic:

    Which products are the worst from your own experience?

    Why does it happen, is it because of storage conditions - temperature, moist, time? Is it avoidable or not?

    Has anyone find a good method to separate cards that have been stuck together?

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    Definitly a moisture issue as it the moist to dry that will make card stick. For instance storing boxes of cards over other boxes or on full tablet can help the moisture to build up. This is why all my boxes are on shelves that have hole in the tablet. Mainly I bought plastic shelves made for garage and these all have hole on the tablet so air can circulate. So the issue is less on my side. But for foil cards I use penny sleeves to store them. A a card box will do fine if on shelve with hole and not on top of each other. Take more space but it a better sotrage solution.
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    I had a horrible experience once with a box (from QueCan) of 2002-03 Pacific Exclusive... every card in the entire box was either stuck to another, or suffering some degree of paint-chipping. The whole box.
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    I had the same problem with 4 boxes of 08-09 Series 1 from DA, every card from every pack was stuck together and took me about 3 hours to break 4 boxes
    Thankfully I was able to get them all unstuck but boy did it take a while to pull them all apart, only damaged 3 or 4 base.

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    Somtimes if you gently twist or bend the unopend pack, like a deck of cards and it will "unstick" the cards. This works on cards like UD and Pacific whihc have a high gloss finish. Of course this doesn't guarantee the foil will not come off on the other cards, but the method has worked well for me.
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