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Thread: Shady business.....

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    Here's a message from "member A". Might clear up the hypothetical, even though I thought that, hypothetically, it was going well....

    "This is "Member A" I feel like I have earned a good reputation around here and the mma memorabilia world over the last 4-5 years, so that will hopefully help and show that I wont purposely screw anyone over. Member B is also a well known and respected member who I have done deals with in the past, which shocks me that he is now trying to get away with keeping the cards and money.
    Yes one card ended up damaged. Either during shipping or packing. And i take responsibility for that. I was absolutely willing to work that out. either by refund and getting the cards back, partial refund and letting him keep it all, or by sending out more cards.

    The reason I didnt see the PM/Emails for about a week is bc they were sent to my junk email folder, and I very rarely visit the site anymore. I no longer collect cards, so unless I have something to sell, or look for a new Sakara (only person I collect) out of a new set, I dont really use the site.
    Since I have been banned, and he was refunded/reversed his paypal money, I have tried to get either my cards, or some of the money back..but no luck.
    I have emailed his personal email with no response and have also emailed Ed Miller(?) the disputes mod/manager from SCF also without a response.

    Well there you have it.

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    You got refunded and an explanation to everything you needed. One thing however I have learned throughout the years that feedback and word of mouth mean nothing and anyone can turn shady in an instant. When dealing with people try to set up some form of dialogue first before confirming any kind of transaction to form some kind of trust.

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    Sorry to see this happen to anyone.
    My only comment would be if you make a deal /trade/sale here,you need to make sure the transaction is completed thoroughly until both parties receive their ends and both parties leave feedback to each others satisfaction.
    Learning experience for both parties .

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    havent been looking at threads alot lately but let me introduce myself as Member B. Many of you have dealt with me in the past and know that i am not shady in the least bit. but as the one that opened the dispute let me tell it how it happened.

    First off the lot that was purchased in a thread was also on Ebay. The card that was damaged was not damaged in shipping. I opened the package and i was not due to packaging. Though putting Autos/relics in toploaders when shipping would have helped with this situation. THe picture on ebay conveniently covered the exact place on the card that was damaged. I was also shorted another card. the 2 cards were 2 of the 3 highest value cards in the lot.

    The lot was received on March 1st. A PM was sent right after opening the cards. After no response by march 3rd i opened the dispute and filed a paypal claim. on March 8th Member A was PMed by a dispute team member. On march 14th I was contacted by the Dispute team member and told Member A was suspended and to leave negative feedback. 13 days is much different the 72 hours.

    On the paypal side I upped the claim to a dispute with paypal on March 8th. For a claim the seller has 10 days to respond the paypal automaticly closes the case in my favor on the 11th day. So 3 days after bening banned Member A still could have replied to paypal. If they had, Paypal would have forced me to return the items. Since no reponse was given, i received the paypal refund and was not required to return the Items. The refund was given on March 18th. 17days after i received the package and sent the original PM. To me this seems like ample time to have reponded no matter what the situation was. I pretty sure all of us do not spend more than a week away from out computer/tablet/smart phone for more than 3 days let alone 18.

    My reputation is very important to me both on here and on Ebay. Hence the reason I have 100% feedback on over 2200 transactions. So anyone that would like proof of what i have said i can link them to the dispute thread or forward and PMs i have sent or received on the matter.

    Based on the fact that i have not received anything reponse on this matter untill I just received a message from Ed the Dispute Manager, I could have easily sold the cards already since the is what I do. But i have not. Yes i could have just sent the back but then I felt I was being screwed in this situation based on the package i opened and lack of response. So why should i have to even spend $2 to ship this back. If i was an immoral person the cards would have been sold the day paypal basically told me i didnt have to return them. But they are still here. Though everything from friends and other members of the online community have told me the cards are mine, I cant bring myself the treat them as such.

    So Think what you want about the me or situation. I could have kept out of this thread but as son as the member that decided it was their right to get involved in this gave Member A's name it would be easy to find who Member B was. But i could let this thread go without putting the real time frame and information in here for you all to read.
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    How much is the lot worth in your estimation including the damaged cards?
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    I buy for resale purposes. So i paid 65 to get 90ish. About 25 of the 90 was damaged and 10 was the missing card
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    So you got all that for free since you're not sending anything back to him? That's a hell of a resale.
    Looking for BBM Wrestling / Pancrase star cards
    Rutten, Barnett, Frye, Shamrock Etc.
    & other obscure MMA base cards

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    So if I understand correctly, the seller willingly sold a card that they knew to be damaged and had no response for over two weeks? Even if you don't frequent the site very often, shouldn't you at least check in if you've got open trades/sales on the site?
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    If you want to use paypal, you gotta play by the paypal rules, including prompt response to whatever problem there is. Fail to comply will result in the exact situation of member A is in. The problem can be easily worked out before paypal or forum get involved.

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    I totally agree with your position and what you posted.
    Your reputation here and on Ebay are top notch to say the least.
    You posted here because that is what good people do.
    You do not need to explain yourself but thank you for posting what you did for those that have not had the pleasure to deal with you.

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