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    My Iverson Prizm GOLD BGS Results on Both!!!!

    Okay, I will still do a video when they come but honestly couldn't fight the suspense.... I had to look

    Knowing how the surface on these are sometimes pretty bad (and the base Gold /10 DID have a noticeable factory slight scratch) I am quite please with my grades...

    2012-13 Panini Prizm Most Valuable Players Prizms Gold /10
    Centering Grade: 9.5
    Corner Grade 9.0
    Edges Grade 10.0
    Surface Grade 10.0
    Final Grade 9.5

    2012-13 Panini Prizm Prizms Gold /10
    Centering Grade: 9.5
    Corner Grade 9.5
    Edges Grade 9.5
    Surface Grade 8.5
    Final Grade 9.0

    Would you be happy?
    Honestly wish they could've just gave me the .5 on the base surface so I could have a 9.5! SO Close but these do have some factory surface issues so I understand. As for the MVP Gold /10 being a 9.5 I am thrilled!!!

    Let me know what you think


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    Thanks a lot guys!!!!!

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    Incredible grades...if you were to ever sell your collection (I know, not the thing any player collector wants to think about!), those would bring in a ton, I'm sure! Congrats!!

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    Thanks a lot guys!!! :)

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    Great cards, that sucks that the surface one the one was an 8.5. I don't know why new pack pulled cards aren't higher, with all the technology you think they would make sure cards wern't off center and not scratched.

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