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Thread: D. Rose mail month explosion!

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    D. Rose mail month explosion!

    It has been a while since I've been all in on hoarding.. erm.. collecting D-Rose stuff. I let silly football players get in the way of that. My bad! lol So now that I'm back in full focus, here is what I've managed to pick up in the past month or so.

    I'll start with some inserts:

    I love the full action shot of this set:

    And a solid design on this one, too.

    I decided to pick up one of these (And then I got another for the hell of it)

    Then I had to get some Prizm, of course. Thankfully one person was able to hook me up with all of these:


    MVP insert

    And this beauty.

    Next up are some GU items...

    This is one of the best designed sets Panini has put out, IMO

    Sticking with the all star theme...

    Then some certified...

    And this one to go with it:

    And I wouldn't leave you all without some ink... Picked this up a local show for a fair price (Which is difficult to do)

    And this one came all the way from Germany. Pretty sweet card. 3/5

    And lastly the auto that I picked up from the Sun Times show!

    From the panini Father's Day packs. I know they're really SP:

    And that's all for now. If anyone has any Rose they want to part with, bring 'em on :)! Thanks for looking!

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    Nice stuff
    Never seen that POY card before. Where did it come from?

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    Thanks! They're from the base panini from this year and that set is 1 per case

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    Great looking add's!! You do regular Rose cards too??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddymcqueen View Post
    Great looking add's!! You do regular Rose cards too??
    I do basically any and all Rose stuff!

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    Great pick ups! That father's day auto is sweet

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