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    looking to trade for current Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys and au

    i have lots to trade and looking for any current Habs and Leafs autos and game used

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    Would you happen to be interested in this?

    And if so can I see your tradelist or photobucket?


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    Hidden Content Wants: Any GU net cards, GU all star jsy, Int'l jsy, Capt C jersey and patch cards. Want Top shelf Goalie Gear:Osgood (skate)!
    Hidden Content
    Stay away from Habsmtlfan aka mlthabscollector on ebay. Longueil or Varennes, Que. Thief and liar. - Fr... Barb..

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    have an OPC Signatures Yannick Weber and about four Habs Ultimate Rookies in my serial folder in bucket.
    oh yeah ... Kessel Ultimate Signatures as well in my auto folder.


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