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    This is not a fair comparison. Gay couples can get married.

    this is absolutely a fair comparison as right now there are only 10 states in the U.S. that allow same-sex marriages. There are other states like Texas and North Carolina that have amendments to their state constitutions stating that not even civil unions are considered valid in that state and will not be recognized. A same-sex married couple could lose some rights merely by crossing some state lines

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    When was the last time you saw a homosexual couple thrown in prison or punished in any way for getting married in any state? If a homosexual couple wants to get married and finds a church and preacher that are willing to marry them, they can get married. What this debate is about is the small benefits homosexual couples would receive if the government recognised them as being married.
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    I would be in favor of there being no benefits for being married and the government not having a definition and getting completely out of marriage. In a sense, we kind of let the government buy marriage, if that makes any sense.
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    I believe boba point is that the feds don't recognize gay marriage, but it is not illegal and does not result in a ticket, fine, or jail time, like marijuana does.


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