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    Bruins just got massively trolled tonight, Iggy to the Pens!

    Pens are looking scary good at this point!

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    what a day
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    Murray, Morrow and now Iggy! Me thinks a certain team is making a statement? I like what I see that is for sure, Brad.
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    This reeks like 1991...when Francis and Samuelsson was traded to Pens then...

    It's really scary that Pens for now have 13 straight victories even if Letang & Geno for mostly were injured,
    but for now you can add Murray, Morrow and Iggy into the team..really scary but execting for us Pens fans!
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    A lot of people out there saying that they should just hand the Cup to the Penguins now - I'm still not sold on their goaltending. Favourites, yes, but Fleury has been such a wild card the past couple years.
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    Apparently, Calgary could live with the Bruins not including Subban in the package but the Bruins got "cute" at the last minute (ie) decided to make the 1st round pick conditional on Iginla re-signing and screwed themselves in the process. At the end of the day, a first-round pick in the hands of the Flames is worth less then a handful of magic beans - check their draft history.

    Kudos to the Pens for sneaking-in at the last minute. Unfortunately, people in Pittsburgh are about to find out, that the Iginla that they are acquiring, is about 90% finished - legs are gone, hands have gotten slower etc. He might be able to step-up for a game or two in a playoff series but the days of Iginla being an elite player, have longggggg since passed. Since Pittsburgh is basically "Cup or Bust" this year, maybe that is all they are hoping for - the 1-2 big games.

    Plan B for the Bruins might now be Scott Hartnell but even same problem for other teams - they won't part with Subban.

    Bouwmeester "apparently" was heading to Detroit but the "apparent" cost of ""three"" prospects and a first-round pick, has the Wings now "apparently" looking at Campbell in Florida.

    Kiprusoff could go to St.Louis but only if the Blues (or any other team that acquires him), tacks-on a couple more years to his contract. To show how awful Feester is, the "apparent" talk with the Leafs, focussed on Joe Colborne.

    Briere may have played his last game with Philly (thank goodness). Earlier this season, he wouldn't waive his no-trade and now, he's claiming to have a concussion, which some in the organization, feel is "convenient". His bloated contract was front-loaded, so he's due very little next year and the following year, so he should be gone by the summer. Another player Philly was hoping to move - Meszaros, also happens to "conveniently" gotten hurt "again".

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    Time will tell but I would not hand them the cup just for player on paper. The pens have weekness and this can turn against them. The match against Montreal did not convince me the are that strong. Montreal played a better match and Fleury was extremly lucky. Ryder alone got two post. But they certainly got big name in the team but need to make the chemestry work for them.
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    Lots can go wrong still, but after the moves this week.... have to consider the Pens the favorites now.

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