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Thread: One Cruddy Box of Limited

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    One Cruddy Box of Limited

    Broke a box of limited the other day. Not my favorite product to begin with, but I had a gift certificate so I got it for $50. Can't really complain at that price I guess. Here are the goods, everything open for offers:

    And the big (?) hits:

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    Limited is such a terrible product ....
    *** Main PCs - Luongo / Mrazek / Fleury***

    Traders - Hidden Content

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    It's sad, I liked Limited last year. This year, it'll probably be the worst product released IMO. I was a HUGE Panini guy last year, but UD is running away with it this year with great releases in Artifacts and a vastly improved SPGU product. The number of redemptions in Limited is maddening, and I haven't even touched the product with a 10-foot pole. At least the MacInnis is decent.

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    2 redemptions...not cool. I would be interested in the MacInnis in trade. CMB and LMK.

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    strange to see the logo of the panthers behind the gagner.

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    Wait, you're complaining about probably one of the best rookie redemptions this year, a die-cut boardmembers card (which collectors are going crazy for), and a sick MacInnis?! Your box was all around good, definitely better than alot of packs I've seen. If anyone wants to complain about Limited, this isn't the thread to do it.

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    I don't know maybe I just am not paying attention to Limited... But the two rookies and the board members are like $3-$6 cards on Ebay. Not sure what I'm missing...

    MacInnis is good, I know I hit the nicer version with the /25.

    Quote Originally Posted by dmaksymyshyn View Post
    2 redemptions...not cool. I would be interested in the MacInnis in trade. CMB and LMK.
    Sorry, didn't see anything I'm interested in.

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    Sorry the value sucked, it did as in many other products, and this year got way too many redemptions, but I just get plain angry with all these crap comments about worst product. Are you all blind or just don't have any taste? NOBODY sees how darn gorgeous the base cards is, the jerseycards are really nice (a huge improvement from Panini whose jerseycards has been ugly earlier), the jumbo cards are awesome, the board cards too, some of the painted stuff looks great. Visual, Limited is the best product this year by far. Panini has tried to make a beautiful product, but as usual they get punished, so they will skip that next time and try to please the moneygrabbers and treasure hunters, which seem to be 90% of collectors these days. Does anybody, I mean anybody, actually look at the cards? Seriously?

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    I never said it was the worst product. I didn't get any PC, nothing of much value to trade for PC or sell, so I'm sorry that I wasn't happy with this particular box. I think it's fair to allow me to say that I wasn't happy with a particular box. I said it wasn't my favorite. Is that fair to allow someone to say?

    The cards do look nice, which is a fair point. I'm actually a huge Panini fan -- love Contenders bought a ton of it, like Pinnacle as a low end product, and I'm spending most of my collecting $ putting together three different auto sets, all of which come from various Panini products (if you notice I love autos and got no autos in the box, only redemps).

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    No no not you, didn't mean your disappointment, that's fair, I meant the other comments, and many comments in general I see at Limited.

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