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Thread: Trading Strahan/Taylor Dual AU

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    Trading Strahan/Taylor Dual AU

    Topps Record Breaker Dual Michael Strahan/Jason Taylor.Card has a high book of $40.00.Im looking to trade it for a baseball dual auto of the same value.I would say this card is nm/mt the sigs are perfect and this is not a sticker auto..I dont collect football very much,thus the reason for trading it..

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    I dont have another dual to trade for it but check my site

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    I'd be interested, but don't have a dual in the $40 range. Feel free to check one of my recent threads for fb/bsk/bb though.

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    BTTT...Im looking for a 1 for 1 deal on this one. If you dont have dual make a solid offer with another auto.

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    Ill give you a Ricky Davis Auto bv $50 on my site for it lmk thanks

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    id be interested, anything on my page?
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