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Thread: 1986 Mets custom set complete

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    1986 Mets custom set complete

    I just completed my 1986 Mets Autograph cut set.I did not personally create the design but rather influenced it thru my own vision so to speak.My want came from my love of the 86 Mets.I could not find a nice complete set of players from any set of the team 18 of them to be exact.I have plenty of different player autos but nothing that could be put together like this.I used certified autographs from different card compianies.Many were damaged and very dull looking design wise.I know many on here use TTM's but my collection would be missing the late great Mr.Carter so that was not an option for me.

    I have been working on the set for some time now but only recently have I corrected my methods and ability's to complete it.I now know there are many aspects in the card building process which I have more intrest in over designing.Everything from paper treatment so there's no edge chipping,to cutting the perfect window shapes out.There's also card thickness and the final stages of cutting out a finished card.It's a long way from stacking 1990 score cards together,lol.I am still learning a few other aspects but I beleive I have a good hold on it.I can aslo create the card completly with just a front and back image now which is great as I have not a clue how to design one.I will say the finished product does look and feel identical to a pack pulled card and fit in a 130pt one touch..

    Thanks for the long read and happy to answer any questions or requests.


    Some close ups

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    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about my collection. Well, it is kind of a long story but I have always collected cards (pre-war, every Topps Atlanta Braves team set, player collections, etc.) but I became largely discouraged with card collecting. When my grandfather passed away from Alzheimer's, I began collecting Braves autos in his memory but I could never gain the continuity in the collection that I desired. I had cards, customs, balls, photos, etc. and it just didn't feel right. While I still have all of those items, I wanted the consistency that would allow for the appearance that all of the items came from one uniform collection.

    The collection consists of the 44 greatest Atlanta Braves, which was an original list developed by Mac Thomason, and the members of the Braves Hall of Fame. I would also like to have autos related to the greatest Atlanta Braves moments. Mac Thomason developed and wrote a blog known as Braves Journal and was one of the first sources of info on the Braves that I read online. Mac passed away last year after a battle with cancer but he has always been widely respected and was an excellent writer. As an aside, Joe Posnanski wrote a great piece on Mac after his passing here :

    Then, Brian (RockiesFan33) began offering his services and it was exactly what I was looking for. He designed cards of the 44 greatest Braves list, with a few additional cards based on individuals that I believe will make it into that list in the near future, and he makes cuts for me of the members of the Braves Hall of Fame. He does tremendous work and I could not be happier with his excellent service. Though it has required me to essentially start over with collecting the 44 greatest, the cards he made for me are easily my favorite part of my collection. I've often thought about putting up a thread as I am able to get these done but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested. Below is an example of a finished card from the 44 greatest (my scan does not do the design or the printing justice).

    Sorry for the length.

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    Great story bud.I love reading about others passions of why they collect.

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    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SET you made. LOVE the 86 METS as well. Lenny Dykstra was my favorite. PLayed the clip of Buckner again and it brought back sweet memories!! :-) GREAT JOB!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUCD231 View Post
    Great story bud.I love reading about others passions of why they collect.

    Thanks Steve and again, your set is remarkable. Very well done. What are you going to put together next?

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    Jen- I could watch that clip all day.Nails was def a fav of mine growing up too.

    Braves- I am working on a non-sport quad cut autograph booklet.
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    Very nice set
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    Steve, awesome collection, congrats. Thanks for sharing.


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    Awesome work and love it! Wondering if you framed them all up and placed them on the wall?
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    Hi thanks,you have great taste,lol.No they are in a box stored away for now.I already have this taking up the wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by indyreds View Post
    Awesome work and love it! Wondering if you framed them all up and placed them on the wall?
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    I usually print my cards on card stock and then cut them using a Fisskar's cutter. I glue them using a stick to a cut-out piece of cardboard from a cereal box which is just smaller than the 2.5 x 3.5" card.

    However even when there's almost no overlap, they never look that good. What material do you use and how do you get the cards to line up that evenly with that nice thickness? Thanks

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