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    I need pretty much all 2011-12 & 2012-13 J.J. Redick cards. Base to 1/1's. And More!!

    Please guys or ladies if you have any J.J. Redick cards at all from the past 2 years and want to sell or trade them PLMK. I want these cards for my Redick Super collection, so I want base, inserts, parallels, autos, game used, patches, plates, refractors, slivers, golds, proofs of all kind, etc. Pretty much any card that has J.J. Redick on it is wanted. I have gotten a little behind on his newer cards because most of my attention lately is trying to complete his entire 2006-07 True Rookies set. I only have three more left to complete this set and I am also looking this cards VERY HARD. The 3 I need are: 1. 2006-07 SP Authentic #93 (/199) BV: $6.00 2. 2006-07 Fleer Ultra Lucky 14 Rookie #211 (/500) BV: $12.00 3. 2006-07 Upper Deck Chronology Jersey Rookie #144 (/99) BV: Not Listing ( I am very confused about this card because in Beckett it says this card was not disturbed in packs. Not only have I never seen any of these for sale or trade but I have never even seen a picture of this card ANYWHERE!!!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO ON THIS CARD, I WOULD GREATLY APPERICIATE YOU TELLING MME ANYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT IT.) I also need other Redick cards as well, so if you have any cards of his at all please LET ME KNOW. PM me for quicker response. I have trade bait and paypal for all and any Redick cards that I need. I am also looking for COOL DUKE STUFF FOR MY MANCAVE. Like banners, pennants, posters, pictures, signs, license plates, etc. Thx for your time, Jody.
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    PM sent~~
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