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    Hey!! Have This Card If Ya Could Use It.

    '12 Topps "Captains" Patch #NCP-JW Jason Witten
    (Comemerative NFL Captains Patch)

    Thanks, John

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    hi trains975 im interested,please cmbs and let me know,i also have more cards coming in ....... thanks

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    Hey!! I Collect These Player's & I'm Looking For Either Nicer Insert's,RC's Or GU That I Need. Don't Need Any Base Card's.

    Peyton Manning
    Andrew Luck
    Dwayne Allen
    T.Y. Hilton
    Coby Fleener

    I Could Also Use Nicer Insert's,GU,RC's Of Other Star Players That Would Make Me Good Tradebait.

    Thanks, John

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    hi trains975 the only cards I have are base ...... thanks

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    Hey!! Do Ya Have Any Kind Of Insert Card's.

    Thanks, John

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    hi trains975 I do have some but not of any players you have mentioned

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