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Thread: Help ID'ing this card please?

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    Help ID'ing this card please?

    As far as I can tell there is no manufacturer listed on the back of this card, so I'm having quite a hard time figuring it out... can anyone help?

    Images provided below...

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    LOL at the conversion of basketball stats into baseball stats. That is comparing apples to oranges.

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    It's not liscenced. You could probably still get a couple of bucks if you sold it to a jordan collector but not that much.
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    lol, that is a good one. Based on a Google search of the phrase, "If Michael's Statistics were converted," I found one guy who was selling it on eBay, and another wrote a humorous blog article about it, but that is all I could find - seems they were lost as to the manufacturer as well.

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    This is a "broder" card. It is a name given to cards from the late 1980s and early 1990s when people would just print up their own unlicensed and illegal licensed cards. Some were better quality than others. Since you don't know how many were made and since there is nothing stopping you from reprinting these cards there isn't a strong demand for them other than people who collect these types of cards and from the players depicted on the cards.

    Also the conversion of basketball stats to baseball is hilarious.
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    Thank you all,

    Yeah I too thought the stats conversion was hilarious. And thank you for the information on this card. I didn't expect it to be high value, was just stumped about how to include it in my PC inventory... and now I know it's not due to it being an illegal print! Very interesting.

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