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    Talking My new favorite card

    I just picked up my new favoritest card for my PC!! A big shout out to Michael for giving me the heads up on it. I`ve wanted one of these since `05 when they came out but I`ve never seen one before. Until now!! And I gotta say Danica who lol.

    2005 Press Pass NHRA Angelle Sampey auto

    Thanks for lookin!!!

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    When I see Jennifer Jo Cobb I think Danica who? Nice card.

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    I think Danica who because Angelle has 41 wins and 3 Championships lol.

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    Very nice Tom. I'm jealous because I

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    Very nice, i LOVE the US Flag & would like 1 also, WTG
    Howdy, I mainly coll. Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica & Walter Payton, Peace from Jupiter !!

    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

    I collect cards with a US flag on them or US flag themed, Santa cards, cards in my PC of drivers & players that I don't collect will have a flag somewhere on it

    My Space Coll., Spiderman & Wolverines, & My Creations can be seen here: Hidden Content

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