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    HIGH END FOR SELL!!! just make offers!! OVER 5k IN SELL!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys! All these cards are avaible for sell (no trade)
    --- All resonable offers will be accept ;)
    Just make offers, good luck.


    Olivier Parent

    Don't be shy to contact be by private message
    Make some offers ;)

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    275.00 howard ice patch /10
    175.00 foligno ice patch /10

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    only the ferriero ice/10 is sold!!
    ALL other still avaible!!
    continue to send me private message with your offers

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    the offer of 175 for the Folingo is not a lowball, just saying

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    If you don't want lowball offers, then here's an idea - post prices.

    Until then you have zero right to complain about any offers.

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    what is a fair price for you put it in the threads


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    Send me a clear scan and a price you'd like to get for the Graded RNH YG

    Follow the links below for all my traders:
    Hidden Content | Hidden Content | Hidden Content
    Hidden Content
    Hidden Content

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    already 10 cards sold gang!! thks for all offers...continue to send PM

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