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    lookin 4 some advice about getting basketballs and Pics auto

    Hey guys I looking for your opinion on getting memorabilia (8x10's and Basketballs) autograph in person. What is the best basketball brand/type to buy to get autographed? What is the best type of pen/marker to get a basketball signed with? What is best thing to get 8x10's autographed with? plmk and thx Jody

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    I always buy an official ball from that sport. Not that I would sell any of my graphs but they are worth more on an official ball. If I'm getting an entire team like at NY Giants training camp I get a white panel ball. For photo's a sharpie with whatever color will stand out. I try to get some dark in the photo because I like the look of a graph in silver. I also like to use a sharpie that is one of the colors of the team, like blue for Duke. For a basketball I prefer a silver deco paint pen. Always go with oil based as opposed to acrylic based. Water will wash away something signed with an acrylic base. Make sure when using a paint pen that it is properly charged/prepped. Also remember when using either a sharpie or paint pen that you give it enough time to dry. Paint pens take a lot longer than sharpies to dry. Also never leave anything signed in a hot car and do not place anything over the top of the signature. I have seen too many peoples auto's ruined by doing that. Those are just my preferences.

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    id say you need to get streaky autos, bendable cardboard and try to hold the sharpie upside down for best results
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