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    WWE Topps 2013 Wants: John Cena, A.J. Lee, Zack Ryder, Santino Marella

    With the new WWE Topps 2013 Triple Threat coming out I have made a list with all possible cards that I may need. I have 3 boxes coming in so I will probably be able to get all the base and some inserts I possibly need.

    I will keep an upto date list of what I need.

    9. A.J. Lee Silver Base Parallel
    12. Santino Marella Silver Base Parallel
    13. A.J. Lee Gold Base Parallel
    14. John Cena Gold Base Parallel
    15. Zack Ryder Gold Base Parallel
    16. Santino Marella Gold Base Parallel
    28. Zack Ryder Triple Threat 3 (Ring Presence)
    29. Divas Centerfold A.J. Lee
    32. A.J. Lee SummerSlam Mat Relic
    33. A.J. Lee Kiss Card

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    I knocked one card off my list already. I have the following cards that I could trade for some cards above.

    WWE Topps 2010 Platinum Melina Yellow Printing Plate
    WWE Topps 2010 Eve Black Printing Plate
    WWE Topps 2010 Jillian Yellow Printing Plate
    WWE Topps 2010 Alicia Fox Magenta Printing Plate
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    List has been updated. Any help is appreciated.
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    I currently have 2 Printing Plates for trade. Looking for all cards above.

    WWE Topps 2013 Alberto Del Rio Magenta Topps Triple Threat #2 Printing Plate 1/1
    WWE Topps 2013 Tyson Kidd "Cyan" Printing Plate 1/1
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    I have this Santino mat card.

    Santino Marela Mat relic

    Please PM me if interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
    Please PM me if interested.
    Thanks for posting but I have this card already.

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    Just purchased the AJ Lee Autograph off eBay. Does anyone have any cards listed above?
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