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    Preference on placement and pen used for an auto on a baseball jersey

    If you were getting a Yankee game-used jersey autographed that you would display in a frame would you get it signed on the front or on the back jersey number? Which looks better in your opinion. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I know some of you would say it would be better to burn it. lol

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    Maybe the weekend crowd will have an opinion. Thank you in advance.


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    Silver sharpie autograph running from bottom to top of the Number on the backside would be the way to go for me.Good luck and post pics.


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    Thanks for the feedback. The only two reasons I would consider the front is for dirt/grass stains that would not be prevalent on the back and to see the laundry tags. You would go silver sharpie over a silver paint pen. I know there is always a risk with a paint pen and a sharpie is much safer. One last question, what thickness would you use?

    I'll be sure to post the pics as they will be the centerpiece of the collection.

    As always, thanks, I appreciate it.


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    Rick,I didn't realize the jersey would be game used but since it's a yankee jersey and they only have numbers on the back that would be my choice.Fine point silver sharpie that you can dull down a little by writing with it first.I think it will give more line definition as the signature will be bigger than an on card autograph.A thicker point and you may end up with lines that are too close.Again just my own opinion.
    Who's jersey are you having signed?

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