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Thread: GUCD23!'s Customs

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    GUCD23!'s Customs

    For those intrested here's how I went about it.

    I printed out the images and then had the widows cut out on a design cutter program,kinda like a paper cnc machine.

    I then marked out the windows and cut slightly larger boxes for the autograph cuts.

    The images were then glued to 1 ply of heavy cardstock.

    I then made sure the autos would match up thru the windows and cut the sheet into 4.

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    I then made a jig to view the autograph from one side and the cut out on the other and traced the cut line for the auto cut.One side had a spare finished card showing the window allowing me to slip the card in between.I used copies of the cards glued to the heavy cardstock as a trial run so there's no back on the card.

    The cards were then cut to size using yet another jig setup on the cutter.I also cut the blak cardstock that would build up the card on the same cutter.Keep in mind I had the deigner allow for a bleed all around the card and I printed them out an 1/8 inch bigger all around.

    I did the same with the backs of the cards so when they were glued together they would be the same rough size.
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    With the autos cut out they were then placed into the window.Notice the arrows as there was some wiggle room for placement.Here's also a pic of the actual run with all the real cuts inside.

    Another layer of heavy cardstock was placed for a total of 3 and all layers were glued together.A heavy weight was placed and left to dry for 24 hours.

    I then used a dummy card with straight edges as a template to cut the card out.I used some different cutters and had different results.The problem is when your card gets thicker it tends to chip very easy.I used a german hand cutting rotary tool and super sharp cutting knife along with the template.It takes alot of practice but the results are very good.

    Most of the success was trial and error but I really enjoyed making them as it has become a sort of hobby and passion.I am trying my hand at a booklet at the moment with scraps I have left over from this project..It's just hard as I have zero design skills making the images.

    Some finished product.

    All done in 130pt One Touch cases.

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    If there was an applause sound effect it would go in here.

    I love the thought process you show and the "I'm gonna figure out a way" attitude. It certainly paid off.

    And I really appreciate you taking the time to share your methods. There are a couple things I'm going to try myself.

    Again, it's a fantastic set and I can only imagine how much more it means to you that you built it yourself - literally.

    Cheers. All the best with what you decide to create next (be sure to post your successes).


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