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    Valor: Topps scr--EGNEWED me one more time

    I have been busting was wax for over 50 years so I certainly understand the risk versus the reward but this is one of my all time WORST breaks.

    I should have know because with the exception of a one pack break where I pulled the dual Luck/Griffin auto jersey, every break for 2012 from topps has been HORRBILE for me.

    So, thinking it had to get better, let's trade Topps Valor


    Game Used one color LaMichael James patch.-- love one color patches!!! #150/150


    Okay that bad!

    So I thought it had to get better! You know the next great card is in the next pack!

    Well not this time.

    EGNEWED by Topps

    GU is a Colt but of course since this is topps it is none other the Coby Fleener!

    This is my last break of 2012 football and it will take a long while to get over this one.

    Just the way it goes sometimes. EGNEWED by Topps for the last time!
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    Ouch Ron! Hopefully you decide next time to fold after that first one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradyfanatic1224 View Post
    Ouch Ron! Hopefully you decide next time to fold after that first one!
    Doubt that I am that smart! What a stupid move on my part!

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    Tough to quit after that first one. You only think the next box has to be better!

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    That was rough. sorry man!


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    Egnew set it up. and Miller slammed it home.

    Sorry about the breaks.

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    Egnew haunted me this year like a stalker! I think I pulled his auto out of some baseball packs.....

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    Everything out of Valor I have seen has been crap. It's just not worth the money. High risk, low reward. If it helps, I would be interested in the Malcolm Floyd Auto.

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    I got a lot of Egnew, also.

    2011, I paid 400 for a box of National Treasures. My hope of course was to get Cam, Dalton, etc. No, instead, 2 of my hits were Ridley. One RPA and one triple Jersey. Ridley isn't bad, but it did not make the 400 worth the while.

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