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    Football/baseball trades wanted

    Not all pictures are listed in bucket. Pictures are not in order of post, but listed by first name. All cards are in excellent shape.

    Trade List & Bucket. MAIN WANT LIST NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST, but will look at buckets or trade list for others I can use.


    Dwayne Allen (Colts)
    '12 Crown Royale-Jersey

    Jared Allen (Vikings)
    '13 Score-Franchise Fabrics (Jersey) NEW

    Arrelious Benn (Bucs)
    '10 Absolute-RPM (NFC-Jersey/Football/Jersey) #93/99
    '10 Gridiron-Rookie Orientation (Jersey) #239/299

    Earl Bennett (Bears)
    '08 Absolute-War Room (Jersey) #234/250
    '08 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey

    Jon Beason (Panthers)
    '12 Prestige-Jersey

    Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs)
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    Sam Bradford (Rams)
    '11 Topps Rising Rookies (Jersey)

    Vincent Brown (Chargers)
    '11 R&S-Rookie Revolution (Jersey) #95/299

    Ryan Broyles (Lions)
    '12 R&S-Crusade (Jersey) #8/99
    '12 Topps Chrome-Jersey

    Plaxico Burress (Jets)
    '12 Prestige-Jersey

    Reggie Bush (Saints)
    '08 UD Masterpieces-Captured on Canvas (Jersey)
    Have 30 more pictured in my Bucket

    Deon Butler (Seahawks)
    '09 Donruss R&S-Dress for Success (Jersey) #168/299

    Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)
    '08 UD Masterpieces-Captured on Canvas (Jersey)
    '08 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)
    '09 UD-Game Day Gear (Jersey)

    Jimmy Clausen (Panthers)
    '10 Topps-Peak Performance (Jersey)
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Michael Clayton (Bucs)
    '05 Leaf Certified-Gold Team (Jersey) #60/75
    '06 Donruss Threads-Jersey #12/25
    '06 Donruss Gridiron Gear-Player Timeline (Dual Jersey) #4/50
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #32/50

    Randall Cobb (Packers)
    '11 R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #208/299
    '11 Plates Patches-Rookie Blitz (Jersey) #30/299

    Glen Coffee (49ers)
    '09 Gridiron Gear-Rookie Gridiron Gems (Jersey) #35/50
    '09 Absolute-NFL Rookie jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Jerricho Cotchery (Jets)
    '09 Topps-Career Best (Jersey)
    '11 Topps Rookie Rising (Jersey)

    Jay Cutler (Bears)
    '08 UD Masterpieces-Captured on Canvas (Jersey)
    '11 Topps Rookie Rising (Jersey)

    Andy Dalton (Bengals)
    '11 Certified-Certified Potential (Jersey) #161/250

    Terrell Davis GU cards
    '98 Playoff Momentum-Team Jersey (Jersey)
    '02 Pacific Private Stock-Game Worn Jersey (Jersey)
    '02 Playoff-Piece of the Game (Jersey)
    '02 UD-Ground Shakers (Jersey)
    '02 UD-Battle Worn (Jersey)
    '05 Leaf Certified-Mirrow White (Jersey)

    Eric Decker (Broncos)
    '10 Absolute-War Room (Jersey) #132/250
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Armanti Edwards (Panthers)
    '10 R&S-Cross Training (Jersey) #233/299
    '10 Gridiron-Rookie Orientation (Jersey) #77/299
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Michael Egnew (Dolphins)
    '12 Topps Prime-Jersey #4/266

    John Elway
    '98 Playoff Momentum-Team Jersey (Jersey)

    Malcom Floyd (Chargers)
    '11 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #54/250

    Matt Forte (Bears)
    '08 UD-Rookie Jersey
    '10 Gridiron Gear-"O" Jersey #38/199

    Arian Foster (Texans)
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    Josh Freeman (Bucs)
    '09 Gridiron Gear-Performers (Jersey) #73/250

    Nick Foles (Eagles)
    '12 Crown Royale-Rookie Royalty
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)

    Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars)
    '11 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Clyde Gates (Dolphins)
    '11 R&S-Dress for Success (2 color Patch) #43/50

    Chris Givens (Rams)
    '12 Topps Chrome-Jersey

    Alex Green (Packers)
    '11 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    T.J. Graham (Bills)
    '12 Absolute-Star Gazing (Jersey)

    Jamie Harper (Titans)
    '11 R&S-Rookie Revolution (Jersey) #47/299
    '11 Gridiron Gear-Rookie Orientation (Jersey) #232/299

    Stephen Hill (Jets)
    '12 Absolute-War Room

    Ronnie Hillman (Broncos)
    '12 Topps Chrome (Jersey) #10/75

    Ty Hilton (Colts)
    '12 Topps Chrome-Jersey

    Kendall Hunter (49ers)
    '11 R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey)#196/299
    '11 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Steven Jackson (Rams)
    '08 UD-Game Jersey

    Edgerrin James (Colts)
    '02 Topps Gallery Heritage-Jersey
    '05 Zenith-Jersey

    Alshon Jeffery (Bears)
    '13 Score-Franchise Fabrics (Jersey) NEW

    Andre Johnson (Texans)
    '10 R&S-Statistical Standouts (Jersey) #87/125

    Chris Johnson (Titans)
    '09 UD-Game Day Gear (Jersey)

    Larry Johnson (Chiefs)
    '07 Prestige-Stars of the NFL (Jersey)
    '09 UD Icons-NFL Icons (Jersey) #210/299

    Taiwan Jones (Raiders)
    '11 Topps-Rookie Patch/RC

    Dustin Keller (Jets)
    '08 UD Icons-Future Star Materials (Jersey)

    James Laurinaitis (Rams)
    '11 Threads-Gridiron Kings (Jersey) #63/98

    Marcedes Lewis (Jaguars)
    '11 Gridiron Gear-Game Breakers (Jersey) #39/99

    Ray Lewis (Ravens)
    '12 Prestige-Stars of the NFL (Jersey) #2/249

    Brandon Lloyd (Rams)
    '12 Prestige-Gamers (Jersey)

    Deuce McAllister (Saints)
    '04 Absolute-Marks of Fame (Jersey) #55/75
    '04 Donruss Elite-Elite Series (Jersey) #228/250
    '05 Leaf Certified-Gold Team (Jersey) #100/150

    Laurence Maroney (Patriots)
    '06 SP Authentic-Rookie Exclusives Jersey #133/150
    '10 Prestige-prestigious Pros (Jersey)#90/100

    Doug Martin (Buccaneers)
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)

    Joe McKnight (Jets)
    '10 Absolute-RPM (AFC) Jersey/Football/Patch #5/99

    Colt McCoy (Browns)
    '10 R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #54/299
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    Darren McFadden (Raiders)
    '08 UD Icons-Future Star Materials (Jersey)
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    Ryan Mathews (Chargers)
    '13 Score-Franchise Fabrics (Jersey) NEW

    Lamar Miller (Dolphins)
    '12 R&S-Rookie Crusade (Jersey) #40/49

    Jordy Nelson (Packers)
    '09 UD-Game Jersey

    Hakeem Nicks (Giants)
    '09 R&S-Dress For Success (Jersey) #99/299

    Kyle Orton (Broncos)
    '10 Epix-Jersey#239/299
    '11 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #25/250

    Carson Palmer (Bengals)
    '10 EPIX-Jersey #89/299

    Austin Pettis (Rams)
    '11 R&S-Studio Rookies (Jersey) #287/299
    '11 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)

    Bernard Pierce (Ravens)
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)

    Brian Quick (Rams)
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)
    '12 Gridiron-Gridiron Gems (Jersey) #209/249 NEW

    Trent Richardson (Browns)
    '12 Absoulte-Star Gazing (Jersey)

    Stevan Ridley (Patriots)
    '11 R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #113/299

    Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)
    '07 Prestige-Stars of the NFL (Jersey)

    Eddie Royal (Broncos)
    '08 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Matt Ryan (Falcons)
    '09 UD-Game Day Gear (Jersey)

    Mohamed Sanu (Bengals)
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)
    '12 Crown Royale-Jersey

    Jordan Shipley (Bengals)
    '10 R&S-Dress for Success (Jersey) #236/299
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Cecil Shorts (Jaguars)
    '13 Bowman-Jersey) NEW

    Steve Slaton (Texans)
    '08 UD-Rookie Jersey
    '09 UD-Game Day Gear
    '10 Topps-Peak Performance (Jersey)

    Rod Smith (Broncos)
    '06 Bowman Sterling-refractor (Jersey) #19/199

    C.J. Spiller (Bills)
    '10 R&S-Dress for Success (Jersey) #243/299

    Jonathan Stewart (Panthers)
    '08 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection
    '09 UD-Game Day Gear (Jersey)

    Ndamukong Suh (Lions)
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)
    '13 Score-Franchise Fabrics (Jersey)

    Golden Tate Seahawks)
    '13 Bowman-Jersey NEW

    Fred Taylor (Jaguars)
    '09 Donruss Elite-Elite Series (Jersey) #206/299

    Daniel Thomas (Dolphins)
    '11 R&S-Dress for Success (Jersey) #173/299
    '12 Bowman-Inside the Numbers (Jersey)

    Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection (Jersey)

    Devin Thomas (Redskins)
    '08 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #194/250

    Jordan Todman (Chargers)
    '11 Absolute-Star Gazing (Jersey)
    '11 R&S-Studio Rookies (Jersey) #199/299
    '11 Threads-Rookie Collection (Jersey) #42/299

    LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers)
    '06 UD-XLmemorabilia (Jersey)
    '10 Donruss Elite-Down & Distance (Jersey) #221/299

    Nick Toon (Saints)
    '12 Crown Royale-Jersey

    Robert Turbin (Seahawks)
    '12 R&S-Rookie Materials Longevity (Jersey) #83/249

    Michael Turner (Falcons)
    '12 R&S-Revolution Materials #54/199

    Mike Wallace (Steelers)
    '12 Topps-Jersey

    DeAngelo Williams (Panthers)
    ''09 Topps Unique-Prime Time Patches #32/50

    Damian Williams (Titans)
    '10 Gridiron-Rookie Orientation (Jersey) #105/299
    '10 R&S-Studio Rookies (Jersey) #234/299
    '10 Absolute-Rookie Jersey Collection

    Mario Williams (Texans)
    '09 Absolute-tools of the Trade (Jersey) #30/250
    Kellen Winslow Jr. (Browns)
    '09 Donruss Elite-Throwback Threads (Dual Patches, one College/one Pro) #30/50

    Pat White (Dolpins)
    '09 R&S-Freshman Oientation (Jersey) #2/299

    Jarius Wright (Vikings)
    '12 Absolute-Star Gazing (Jersey)
    '12 Absolute-War Room (Jersey)
    '12 Crown Royale-Jersey

    Kendall Wright (Titans)
    '12 Absolute-Star Gazing (Jersey)
    '12 Crown Royale-Jersey

    FOOTBALL AUTO'S for trade
    '01 Fleer-Autographics
    David Terrell (Bears)
    Travis Henry (Bills)

    '01 Topps Reserve
    Quincy Morgan (Browns)
    Koren Robinson (Seahawks)

    '01 Bowman's Best
    Sammy Morris (Bills)

    '02 Topps Debut
    Andre Davis (RC) (Viginia Teck Uniform) #366/1499

    '02 Topps Gallery
    John Abraham (Jets)

    '03 Bowman Chrome-Rc/Auto
    Rex Grossman (Bears)

    '03 SP Signature Edition
    Michael Bennett
    Tim Couch #29/100

    '03 UD Standing "O"
    DeShaun Foster (Panthers)

    '03 UD Pros & Prospects
    Quentin Griffin (Auto) RC/Antwone Savage RC #96/2000
    Isaac Bruce (Auto)/Billy McMullen

    '04 Bowman's Chrome Rookie Auto's
    John Navarre (Cardinals)
    Michael Boulware (Seahawks)
    Andy Hall (Eagles)
    Cody Pickett (49ers)
    Jared Lorenzen (Giants)

    '04 Playoff Hogg Heaven-Rookie Hoggs
    J.P. Losman (Bills) #131/150

    '05 Bowman Chrome-RC/auto
    Derek Anderson (Ravens)
    Roydell Williiams (Titans)
    Brandon Jones (Titans)
    JChanning Crowder (Miami)

    '05 Topps DP&P-Class Marks
    Charles Frederick (Washington)
    Eric Shelton (Louisville)
    Walter Reyes (Syracuse)
    Marion Barber (Minnesota)
    Mark Clayton (Oklahoma)

    '05 UD Foundations RC/Auto
    Reggie Brown (Eagles) #592/699
    Andrew Walter (Raiders) #79/375

    '05 UD Ultimate Collection-Ultimate Signatures
    Roscoe Parrish (Bills) #14/99

    '06 Bowman Chrome-RC/Auto
    Brandon Williams (49ers)
    Quinton Ganther (Titans)

    '06 Topps Chrome-RC/Auto
    Todd Watkins (Cardinals)
    Drew Olson (Ravens)

    '06 Topps-DP&P
    Brett Basanez (Northwestern)
    Reggie McNeal (Texas A&M)
    Martin Nance (Miami Ohio)
    DonTrell Moore New Mexico) #28/50
    Maurice Stovall (Notre Dame)

    '07 Topps Chrome-Auto
    Tony Hunt (Eagles)
    Paul Williams (Titans)

    '09 Mayo-Auto
    Austin Collie

    Michael Clayton
    '04 Sage-Auto #280/970 red
    '04 Sage-Auto #362/400 silver
    '04 UD Foundations-Signature Foundations
    '04 Topps-Auto in LSU uniform
    '05 Donruss Classics-Significant Signatures #50/75
    '05 Sp Authentic-Scripts for Success
    '05 SPx-Superscripts

    Domanick Davis
    '05 UD Ultimate-Ultimate Signatures #3/99

    INSERTS for trade. Anyone not listed ask.

    '08 Topps-Ring of Honor
    #RH42-EM Eli Manning

    '07 Score Gold Zone
    Sean Jones #400/600

    '06 UD-3000 Yards Passing Club
    Donovan McNabb
    Jake Delhomme
    Joey Harrington
    Marc Bulger

    '06 UD-1000 Yards Receiving Club
    Steve Smith
    Terrell Owens
    Torry Holt
    Chad Johnson
    Joey Galloway

    '06 UD-1000 Yards Rushing Club
    Ahman Green
    Kevin Jones

    Edgerrin James
    '00 Topps-Own the Game
    '00 Pacific-Gold Crown die cut
    '00 Skybox-Characteristics

    '04 Fleer Authentix-Hot Ticket
    Michael Vick
    Jeremy Shockey

    Elway insert
    '97 Stadium Club-Triumvirate #T1A $20

    Terrell Davis Inserts
    Bowman's Best-Best Cuts $5
    Collector's Choice-MVP gold $6
    Leaf-Grass Roots #4352/5000 $5
    Pacific-Power Corps $4
    Pacific-Card Supial (large & small) $14
    Pacific-Gold Crown die cut $10
    playoff Prime X's & O's $12
    Pro Line-Touchdown Performers $12
    Score-In the Zone $10
    Skybox-Sky Motion $1.50
    Skybox-Intimindators $6
    Stadium Club-#72 matrix $10

    Black Diamond-#175 Triple Diamond $60
    Collector's Choice-Turf Champions #82 $12
    Donruss-Zoning Commission #1887/5000 $5
    Edge Masters-Radial Rivals W/ Curtis Martin $30
    Edge Masters-Night Games #402/1500 $10
    Flair Showcase-Hot Hands $10
    Pacific Invincible-Moments in Time $8
    Pacific-Team Checklist (Elway/Terrell Davis/Steve Atwater) $12
    Pacific-Big Number die cuts $5
    Pacific Dynagon-Player of the Week $6
    Pacific Philadephia-Photoengravings $4
    Pacific-In the Zone $6
    Pinnacle-Epix (Purple)) Game $9
    Pinnacle-Epix (Orange) Game $6
    Pinnacle Certified-Epix (Orange) Moment $12
    Pinnacle Certified (Emeral) Moment $36
    Score-The Franchise $8
    Score-The New Breed $5
    Skybox Impact-Excelerators $8
    Stadium Club-Triumvirate #T5A $8
    Stadium Club-Triumvirate #T3A $8
    Revolution-Air mail die cuts $10
    ToppsMystery Finest silver $6
    topps-Mystery Finest bronxe $4
    Topps-Mystery Finest bronze refractor $12
    Ultra-Specialists $4
    UD-Star Crossed $1.50
    UD-Team Mates $1.25

    Black Diamond-Premium Cuts double diamond $12
    Bowman-#BCP10 refractor $8
    Bowman Chrome-#50 Interstate refractor $12.50
    Leaf R&S-Standing ovations #2420/5000 $1.50
    Pacific-Dynagon Turf $3
    Pacific paramont-Pro Bowl die cuts $6
    Pacific Paramont-Super Bowl XXXII $5
    Revolution-Icons $8
    Revolution-Touchdown $6
    SPx Finite-#27 radiance #2608/3800 $4.50
    Topps-Mystery Finest #M16 $5
    Topps-Hidden Gems $1.50
    UD Choice-Starquest red $3.60
    Ud3-#69 die cut #1822/2000 $6

    '99 EX Century-E-Xtraordinary $2
    Finest-Refractor $8
    Leaf-Statistical Standouts #635/1250 $4
    PacificPrisms-Ornaments $6Topps Chrome-Record Numbers $5
    Topps Stars-Stars of the Game #316/1999 $4

    Curtis Martin
    '96 Pacific-Crammer's Choice
    '96 Pacific-Gold Crown die cut
    '96 UD CC-MVP gold
    '97 Pacific-Player of the Week
    '97 Score-The New Breed
    '97 Skybox Impact-Boss

    Steve Young (49ers)
    '95 Metal-Silver Flashers
    '95 Metal-Gold Blasters
    '95 Pinnacle-Gamebreakers
    '95 Score-Dream Team
    '95 Score-Offense Inc.
    '95 Stadium Club-Power Surge #P1
    '95 Stadium Club-Power Surge #PS12
    '95 Skybox-Pay Dirt
    '95 Skybox Impact-In the Ozone
    '96 UD Collectors Choice-MVP
    '96 Pacific-Supial (large/small)
    '96 Score-Dream Team
    '96 Stadium Club-Brace Yourself
    '96 Topps-Hobby Masters
    '96 Topps-Broadway's Review
    '96 UD Predictor-#RP2 (redeemed winner)
    '97 UD Collectors Choice-Turf Champions #TC88
    '98 Paramont-Personal Best
    '99 Fleer-Over the Top

    Marshall Faulk (Colts)
    '96 Stadium Club-Brace Yourself
    '97 Pacific-Supial (Large)

    Marvin Harrison
    '97 Proline Intense-$5 phone card unscratched
    '97 Pacific Philadelphia-Photoengravings
    '05 Topps DP&P-#1 chrome

    Terrell Owens
    '98 Black Diamond-2 diamonds

    Steve McNair
    '97 Pacific-Team Checklist

    Keyshawn Johnson
    '97 Playoff-Prime Target
    '97 Bowman's Best-Mirror Image refractor
    '00 Pacific-Gold Crown

    Jake Plummer
    '99 Pacific Prism-Sunday's Best

    Kerry Collins
    '95 Classic NFL Rookies-#68 RC
    '95 Collectors Choice-Crash the Game Oct.29
    '95 Metal-Silver Flashers
    '95 Skybox Impact-More Attitude
    '95 Skybox-Paydirt
    '96 ClassicNFL Experience-Sculpted
    '96 Pacific-Gold Crown die cut
    '96 Topps-Broadway's Review
    '97 Pacific-Gold Crown die cut

    Drew Bledsoe
    '95 Classic-Grand Gainers
    '95 Ultra #187 GM
    '95 UD-Electric Diamond
    '95 Metal-Silver Flasher
    '95 Metal-Platinum Portraits
    '95 Skybox-Paydirt
    '95 Skybox-Countdown
    '95 Skybox Impact-More Attitude
    '96 Donruss-Elite Series
    '96 Topps-Broadway's Review
    '96 UD Collectors Choice-MVP gold
    '97 Pacific-Team Checklist
    '97 Pro Line Intense-$5 Phone Card
    '98 Black Diamond-Premium Cut (double diamond)
    '98 Black Diamond-#108 double diamond

    Always adding New Cards, so check back again.
    115 all positive feedbacks on Card Trading Fools
    113 all positive feedbacks from different traders on Trader Retreat
    (187 total trades on TR--all positive)

    My main wants are GU or Auto's of these players, but will look at all trade lists. Trading inserts for inserts.

    BASEBALL- Yankees, Derek Jeter, Whitey Ford, Duke Snider, Harmon Killebrew, Yogi Berra, Al Kaline, Nellie Fox, , Stan Musial, , Rocky Colavito, Ron Guidry,

    FOOTBALL-Dan Marino, Emmitt (Cowboys), Manning (Archie, Peyton, Eli), Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, Fred Bletnkoff,

    '04 Fleer Greats GU in both Baseball & Football

    Its getting ridiculous how many traders (mostly new) ask about a card for trade and when you send them a PM for a trade, they never respond back. If I take the time to respond to you, please have the courtesy to respond back. How long does it take to respond "I'll pass" or "no thanks" or a really long one "already have that card." It took every bit of a minute or two to write all these responses. So if you have no intention of replying please don't waste my time by posting on here or sending a PM. I try to answer all posts and PM's, some replies may take longer to answer because of a trade being worked on already. I may miss a reply every now and then, but I try my hardest not to.

    TRADE POLICY: If we agree on a trade, I expect the cards to be in the mail in a couple of days (unless an agreement on when to send has been noted). I'm really getting tired of alot of traders waiting until they receive or even later before they send their half of the trade. If you can't get the trade in the mail in a couple of days, please don't bother me with trade offers. I will start leaving netural feedbacks for traders that pratice this policy. I have 586 positive feedbacks on this site and its always the trader with way less feedbacks that seems to wait until they receive before sending.
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    I could use the Hakeem Nicks gu. Please check me for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan6986 View Post
    I could use the Hakeem Nicks gu. Please check me for it.
    The only card I could use is the Namath Patch. Have some Eli GU cards if interested.

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    Cmb for these please

    David Terrell auto
    Rex Grossman auto
    Devard Darling sweet spot auto
    Hidden Content

    Hello i trade bye BV only I'm Looking for Leather/Bat/Glove Sweet Spot auto's 2015 National Treasures Leather autos & 2011 Playoff Contenders Sweet Signs autos & Paul Konerko,and Chicago Bears & Blackhawks I also respond to all my PMs and Post's

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLublansky View Post
    Cmb for these please

    David Terrell auto
    Rex Grossman auto
    Devard Darling sweet spot auto
    Think I never replied to you. Sorry, I missed it. Anyway, I checked your site and didn't see anything I could use. Also the Darling auto was sold.

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    Check my bucket for this!!

    Lamar Miller (Dolphins)
    '12 R&S-Rookie Crusade (Jersey) #40/49

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    Would like to trade for these:
    Ryan Broyles
    '12 Gridiron-Rookie Gridiron Gems (Jersey) #243/249 NEW
    '12 Crown Royale-Paydirt (Jersey)
    Ndamukong Suh
    '12 Absolute-War Room
    Let me know please
    Thanks, RObert
    looking for Barry Sanders inserts, base, game used and auto's I don't have. Trading with honesty, respect and fairness. BV,TV and SV are not always what a card is worth. bucket: Hidden Content

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    DolphinsCollector22---checked your site and nothing I can use.

    shaqman1970---sent you a PM for possible trade

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