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    Question Why does nobody want to be the one that posts?

    Disclaimer- Not bashing anyone on this site by any means, I am truly curious

    Since I've expanded my trading to this site, I've noticed that everyone seems to always ask the other person to post the trade. Why is this? Posting takes no more than a minute to do, is a minute of your time really that valuable? Or, is there some other reason everyone seems to ask the other person? As I said, I'm not bashing or ridiculing anyone on this site, I just want to know
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    I never have any problem with posting a trade. I do get what you have an issue with though, and someone every once in a while asks me to post it up for what ever reason. One in the past was nowhere near his computer, and just using his phone, so no big deal.

    There once was a time I wanted to post up, and the other trader wanted to post it up. It almost became a case of I'll do it... No I'll do it!!! Are you sure because I can do it??? No I want to......

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    Same reason that people say; "Check My Bucket", which I will not do.

    If you start a post wanting a card, and I have that card, when I ask about a card, do not say to me, "Check My Bucket" I am helping you out, it's your job to check your own bucket, as I am coming to your aid by having a card that you need.

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    Yeah, that's about what I had narrowed it down to. I don't have a problem with posting trades, I just didn't understand why everyone else seemed to
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    I prefer to post the trade. I am also obsessive/compulsive and prefer the cards listed in the trade manager to be as specific as possible.


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    I don't mind posting - BUT when I am on a device such as an ipad or a phone - which is more and more common obviously, it is more difficult to do than on my PC. It can be a real pain to copy/paste or even type anything of length on my ipad. So that may be one reason. Also some people are lazy.

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    I thought this thread was going to be about why are people so hesitant to post things. Seems like nobody wants to be the guy to start a thread. Just reply to it.

    As for the question they may not know how and are embarrassed. Yes there are probably people on here for years that still don't know how to do it. Nothing wrong with that but it could be a factor.
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    When I am talking to someone about a trade and I tell them to post I want to see if they are serious about trading. If so they will post. There are people that I have traded with on mutiple occasions that I know are about their business and I have no problem either posting myself or letting them post but there is nothing that I hate more than posting a trade and the other party never accepts.
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    I prefer to post trades myself. I'd rather be as detailed as possible rather than accept a trade where I'm getting "5 gagne cards".

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