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    2013 just looks like a terrible position player draft, doubt I bust ANYTHING

    2012 was a very good year as far as rookies go with 3 stud QB's, at LEAST one stud RB, and a couple stud receivers. Looking at mock drafts for 2013 I'm seeing at least half the first round is offensive linemen and defensive non skill positions. For QB's this year we have Geno Smith, who is supposedly a "flawed" QB, and Matt Barkely, who went from being a possible #1 overall pick to dropping out of the first round. I'll probably just buy whatever auto rookies there are for Vikings rookies and keep an eye on deals for 2012 stuff.

    Agree? Disagree? Comments?

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    All it takes is a couple good games from an offensive player and the hype wagon will be started. It won't matter if the player is drafted in the first round or fifth. If Geno Smith goes to a team where he starts his cards will have a chance to succeed. Not many people thought Russell Wilson was tall enough or Andy Dalton would play well from 2011. 2013 seems like a year where the obvious skill position players might not have an immediate impact but I'm sure a WR or RB will fall somewhere and have a quick impact in the preseason. That being said, ill still bust some wax this year.

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    I'll pry get a couple boxes of chrome and sit on it til like state above, a breakout player comes along..

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    I may bust more this year if the companies realize they have a weak class and lower prices down to what they should be. Stuff like Prestige, Elite, Rc and Stars, Gridiron, LCM, etc etc should be between 75-100 not 120+ when they come out

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    2013 cards are going to be a bust for football. It stinks. With the industry finally making progress and all. Here is what it means to you and me when there is a crappy future crop. It will "drive up" the 2011 and 2012 players by speculators. We are taking more of a normal injury, short career risk than usual collecting football in a sports that stands for "Not For Long". Risky stuff.

    There is just nothing but crap on the horizon. So Cam, Andrew, Russell and Robert III are staying hot because there is nothing even close in the pipeline. This will rob collectors of the 2013 'coolness' factor of the new product innovations. The class will stink.
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    Agreed the class will initially stink. It could rebound and have rookies break out but the prices of boxes should drop and there should be no reason to reserve or rush to pick up boxes. This will be discounted heavily if nobody really breaks out and then might be the time to buy if you are interested. That's the problem when your business revolves around rookies. If they do good you do good but if they stink then your sales will stink.
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    All it needs is one hot player, Russell Wilson came out of no where and is selling better then RG III right now.

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    I for sure won't be busting any boxes this year, I am just not excited about this draft class from a hobby perspective. If someone does breakout, at most I will pick up some singles. I will save some money this year and possibly put a little extra towards some 2013 Bowman and Bowman Chrome Baseball.

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    Its a great draft to be a lineman collector. Terrible draft if you are looking for value out of your breaks. It should be interesting to see what the companies do if the early products are slumping right off the bat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollectorman View Post
    All it needs is one hot player, Russell Wilson came out of no where and is selling better then RG III right now.
    Probably has to do with the RG3 injury. If not for that I would have expected a deeper run for the Redskins and higher prices than Wilson right about now.
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