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    2007/2008 Between The Pipes 24 box case sponsored by Pittsburgh Sports

    Between the Pipes 2007-2008 Hobby Box

    5 cards per pack. 24 packs per box.

    Find Autographs inserted 1:16 packs and Memorabilia cards inserted 1:20 packs!!
    Should yield about 36 autographs and 28 or 29 memorobilia cards for 64 or 65 hits not including the mask cards.

    Will be doing 10 slots hence pick 1 thru 10 snake draft. Unlike most group breaks if you pick first for half of the break(12 boxes). You will be picking last in the other (12boxes). Hence you should get something good either way. While the middle picks would get to feast on a lot of nice mid range stuff before it's picked over.

    The cost for the groupbreak is roughly $87 for each slot with shipping costing $6 for the U.S and $10 anywhere else. So a total of $93 for the U.S. and $97 elsewhere.


    1) Member must be in good standing
    2) Break will be conducted once all members have paid in full. If you wish to have proof of shipping be it d.c., signature confirmation, or tracking, that is up to you to pay the cost. I will gladly do it but will only keep my receipt of the packages sent out on the same day as proof. I cannot be responsible for the mail but will gladly ship out any method of shipping you wish me for me to send if different than normal first class shipping being offered.
    5) All box breaks will be shot and put on the SCF youtube channel.
    6) I will accept payment via cash, check, or paypal. If you pay via paypal please pay the fees if you aren't sending it as a gift payment.
    7) List will be random (generated by a randomizer) and will have this on the youtube channel as well.

    Other questions let me know.

    Posted Trades (paid):
    7) 30ranfordfan
    10) doniceage (paid)
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    Against my wallet's better judgement, I am in. Gimme slot 3

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    Unfortunately, I can't join in this one. GL and I hope you get some massive pulls!
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    I also can't get in on this one but if these happen to be pulled you will have a buyer:

    2007-08 Between The Pipes Emblems #CCE35 Patrick Roy
    2007-08 Between The Pipes Numbers #CCN35 Patrick Roy

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    Put me down for slot 7. Trade posted soon.
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