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    Panini does it again, Redeemed three Wilson contenders, and received two.

    Ok I redeemed three russell Wilson contenders rookie autos. I redeemed one about a month ago, and two about a week or two ago. So Saturday I received one in a box from FedEx. I went on the panini website and checked out what the tracking number was for the other two. The other two both had the same tracking number. So I figured that they would both come today. The FedEx man shows up today and I get my package. I opened it up and there was only one russell Wilson contenders redemption in the package. I called panini, and Thomas (at panini) said I have to call FedEx for an investigation. IT WAS NOT FEDEX! The idiots at panini obviously only put one in the package. So now im out $250 (that's what there going for on ebay)

    Do you guys have any suggestions of what I can do?

    Panini pretty much told me they are not going to send me another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWinn View Post
    An empty top loader would be better than another Melvin Ingram. Trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leopards40 View Post
    Good luck man

    Not happening!

    They are sending me Bears QB, Nathan Enderle. No Bronco cards. I called to say I didn't want that, but was told too bad, they will only replace on of the 2011 Contenders sp/99s with another, and they don't have a Julius Tomas.

    I told him the guy will never play, and he actually told me to hope Cutler gets injured, and maybe this guy would get a shot.

    "hope for an injury" This is EXACTLY what he told me. 'HOPE FOR AN INJURY." Ya gotta ba kidding me.

    Enough getting punished for being their customer. When I get this card, I am gonna send it right back and tell em to keep it. I don't want the junk they can't get rid of.

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    Just an FYI. We all call customer service and get the run around. In 99% of cases this is the right thing. BUT when an issue is this expensive and they treat you like that, simply ask for their company's registered agent. They should provide you with that info. You can also do free registered agent searches. This is the legal team, rep or CEO depending on the company. Once they get word that you are going to pay $12 to take them to your local small claims court your situation will be easily resolved. They would not respond to frivilous cases. But in this situation with a $250 card and only 2 tracking numbers for 3 cards, they would fix that quick!

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    congrats how did you get 3 russell wilson auto redemptions to begin with? Did you pull all of them.

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