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    Cam Newton 2011 Chrome Rainbow BGS 9.5 Lot For Sale - Low POP

    Ok, this is my pride and joy to my collection so I am in no rush to sell. No, it's not a rainbow without the superfractor, I know.. but I was told it was purchased by an individual that most likely would never let it go.

    If I get my asking price (or very close to it), I will let it go. You are buying every card seen in the photos. Please do not ask me why the person that I purchased the Gold from sent it to BCCG, but they did. I bought it because I knew that if I had it re-graded it would hit the 9.5, but after an experience I had last year, I have sworn off sending my cards in thus for that will be up to the new owner.

    I know that everyone likes to know the serial numbers, so I have posted each below:

    Red - 9/25
    Gold - 42/50
    Sepia - 8/99
    Atomic - 7/139
    Blue - 83/199
    Black - 43/299
    Purple - 454/499
    Orange - n/a
    xfractor - n/a
    Refractor - n/a
    base - n/a

    My asking price for the 11 card lot is $1500 dlvd with DC, Bubble, and Insurance.

    in addition for you multi sport hi-end collectors, I also have a babe ruth 4 piece bat /10 fs - $300

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