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    Easter Monday FREE Giveaway - Sidney Crosby Victory RC! (9pm edt)

    I have been going through my over-sized PC and pulling cards out for trade/sale. I came across this Crosby Victory RC that I have, and while I'm ok with it, I also wouldn't feel right about trading it to someone based on its condition. It's not in terrible condition, but there are noticeable blemishes of all kinds if you inspect the card (slight paint chipping, dents on edges, etc.). I make it sound pretty harsh, but I'll provide a scan at the bottom of this post and you can have a full high-res view for yourselves. It's not garbage-worthy or anything, but itís in bad enough shape that I donít want to trade and deal with the potential backlash, soÖ Iím giving it away for free!

    -----> To qualify for the free giveaway, simply reply to this post. Say whatever you'd like, it doesn't matter. A post of any kind will constitute entry.

    All entries will be taken until 8:59pm EDT, and I will get the show underway at 9pm (that's 8 central, 7 mountain, 6 pacific). I promise to entertain!

    *** edit: I just wanted to add that everything will take place in this thread here, in the contest forum (Iím also going to start a thread in the hockey card chat forum just to make sure everyone has a chance to enter if theyíre online this evening.

    I will enter everyone's name into a program I use called "The Hat", which simulates names being drawn from a hat. It is done entirely at random and I will have no control over the results that it will produce. It is also a free download available on CNET, not to make a plug, but if you were curious, it's out there in the public domain to be had. I will draw 8 names from The Hat. I will put those 8 names into a mock tournament-style bracket. I will then simulate the matchups (games?) until a champion (winner) is decided. I will make up random stories for the games as I go along, to up the entertainment value. For anyone who participated in any of my box break/free giveaways from previous summers, this is the same thing. For those who aren't familiar with my previous efforts in this regard, here are a few links, although the pics/scans have since been removed, and Iím not breaking anything this time, just a straight up giveaway... (start at post #106) (start at post #69) (start at post #217)

    Here is the actual card...

    Good luck, and thanks for reading/entering!

    - Paul
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    I am in
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    Im in! Love this stuff
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    I somehow feel I should make a comment between a broken card and a broken jaw.....

    Too Soon? :p

    Haha thanks for the contest I'm in!
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    I'm in, thanks for the contest Paul!
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    I'm in! thanks for the sweet contest =)
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    wow thanks for the contest! I'm totally in!
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
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