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Thread: Dolphins mail

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    Dolphins mail

    Hey guys few things in as of late not a ton but figured i'd show them off anyhow.
    09 LCM Patrick Turner #/349

    06 Hot Prospects Derek Hagan #/999 (2nd one but swatches are different colors)

    06 Hot Prospects Gerald Riggs Jr #/299

    Then a trade from Ernieren
    12 Contenders Olivier Vernon

    Ebay Add
    2010 R&S Emerald #/10 Greg Camarillo

    Ebay add
    2010 Sterling Gold #/25 Jared Odrick

    A freebie from totally sports Thanks man love them.
    Aaron Craver & JB Brown IP autos

    Then 2 new Gadsdens been finding a few as of late under 58 total needed now.
    2000 Omega Plat blue #/51

    & a card i have lost a few times and finally won it.
    2002 UD Heads up Quad Jsy Fiedler/ Travis Minor/ Zach Thomas & Oronde Gadsden #/45

    now only need 1 GU'ed card of his to have them all.

    Thats it for now lmk what you think.

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    Great Gadsden adds. Getting close to the end of the tunnel. Always enjoy the new additions.

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    Thanks. Yea i can see light but will most likely never reach it as some are still in packs or lost or in pc's that will never see the light of day.
    I can live with that but always having something to chase is good.

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