Poll: Which Rookie set to complete??

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    Question NEED UR OPINION: Which set to complete>>>

    Hey all, I need ur help and opinion pleaseeeeee :)
    as u can see from my want list I'm trying to complete a few rookie sets,but I'm thinking about just sticking to one set and finally finishing it.

    i would appreciate ur comment and vote above,plz vote and tell me why u think that's a better set to complete....

    my 3 options are:

    2010-2011 Panini Contenders Rookie Auto

    2010-2011 Panini Certified Rookie Jersey Auto

    2010-2011 Upperdeck SPX Rookie Jersey Auto

    thanks guys
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    I went with Contenders since I like the look of them better than the other 2 listed
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    From a look perspective I agree with pwaldo. Although I am a certified fan.

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    Thanks guys,ya me too,I love how contenders look,but since certified is one of my favourite base sets I was thinking about that. As u can see,other than the top 6-7 rookies from 10-11 I have the rest,so I could say I'm 70-75% complete,specially with contenders and certified ;)

    thanks for the feedback and comments guys

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    You don't have the option I would pick... COMPLETE THEM ALL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
    You don't have the option I would pick... COMPLETE THEM ALL!
    Loool,I would if I had the $ to grab them all,specially with the top 6 RC of that year (Hall,Eberle,Seguin,Subban,Skinner,Pajaarvi) as well as Stepan,Fowler,Adam....... Not a cheap year to complete RC's ;)

    thanks for ur comment though :)

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    Well I personally like the look of Contenders the best out of the 3 but that being said the other two are jersey auto's which is good too. So I would go with the Certified as that I feel looks better than the SPX

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