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    Thoughts on (potential) 2013 Chrome PriceValue? Might buy a case...

    I was thinking that this was the year I was finally going to buy myself a case of Chrome rather than 3-4 boxes, and I am going to pre-order as well. I am actually thinking of getting 2 cases and selling one by breaking it up and selling the individual boxes locally and on Ebay. Based on the last two years prices of pre-sell versus release date, or shortly after release date, it would pay for most of my first case as long as I was able to get $100-ish per box for the 12 boxes I sell loose.

    The only thing is...with this years rookie crop not looking to be as good as '11 or '12, would it be a bad year to do this? Or is the popularity of the Chrome set alone enough to drive the price up to at least around $100/box? Even if the price reaches $120 like the last two years, I will still likely be selling around $100 since I want to guarantee that I move all 12 boxes. I think I can only do maybe 5-6 locally, and the rest will have to be Ebay.

    Any thoughts on the expected value of 2013 Topps Chrome Football and my plan? If any experienced Chrome case-breakers can weigh in, it would be appreciated. I have made every set (inc. inserts) since 2007 and I want to start breaking cases to trade less for my sets and get more shots at nice hits and nice refractors.


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    I get a case a year . I like building sets , ref sets. Next years RC class is weak though but chrome always hold value and goes up.
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    I would agree. With this year's class I don't think it will go up as much or as quickly (the increase last year was CRAZY!!!), but once it goes live it will probably get close to that $100 mark for sure (usually does, even on those few off years). I already have my "emergency" credit card ready to go to lock in my case this year, usually only have enough for 6-8 boxes, but with the increase last year I would rather be safe than sorry!

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    I think the xfactor of this years rookie crop is that there is always one or two surprises. I think it is a virtual guarantee that at least one of the QBs will turn out to be much better than expected and that will cause a clamor to get his cards. I also think that everybody is talking about how bad the QB class is and allowing some other solid players to go undiscussed. Tayvon Austin could be a big hobby smash if he ends up with the right team like the Saints at #15, Rams at #16 or the Steelers at #17 where he has a good chance to start from Day 1 and make a big impact. Also RBs Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin could make an early impact if they end up in the right situation (crossing my fingers for the Steelers to pull the trigger on Lacy if he is there in the 2nd round).

    All in all Chrome always carries value. I don't see any issues with you getting $100 a box out of it, especially if the early part of the 2nd round involves teams like the Jags, Eagles, Jets and Bills grabbing up QBs like Barkley, Nassib, Glennon and Manuel where they have a chance to be starters even though they were not first round picks.
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    Thanks for the input, guys! I am primarily a Chrome set builder and I was going to get a case for sure this year anyway, but wasn't sure if my plan to get 2 would pan out. Still some risk involved, but I think it will work out OK. After 2 years of saying I was going to buy a case...but then not pulling the trigger...and then paying a huge premium on the boxes I DID end up getting after release, THIS year I have to be smarter with the money I set aside for the hobby ;)

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