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    Autographed pictures for sale / trade

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    Ive got autographed pictures to trade or sell to anyone wanting them-I really do not want to put these in a storage unit-And getting a smaller place-i just haven't got the wall space for everything-I bought all of these mostly off of E-bays years ago-And they each have there Certificates on the back of each framed pieces-I can send them with or without the frames-But if wanting the frames-PLEASE DO Help cover some of the postage-Here's a list of others i have to offer besides the one shown of Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio----------------
    Peyton Manning--Gordie Howe--Mickey Mantle--Muhammad Ali--Jake Lamotta { LARGE PICTURE } 18 X 22
    Marshall Faulk--Raymond Berry--Dick Butkus--Jim Pluckett--Johnny Unitas--Ron Turcotte-{ Jockey } Sitting on top of Secretariat

    Im looking to TRADE / Sell one or all of these--Ive got pics taken of all of these-and there certificates-And most were bought from off of E-Bay-and they do not allow anyone to buy fakes-So all of the autos are real---------

    It can be of autoed or game used Baseball or Football cards-{ Must Be Pack Pulled ) or US Coins from 1964 back-Silver & Gold Older Military Items and older or newer fishing & Hunting items-Old post cards Unopened baseball or football boxes-jewelry-pocket watches-But only older ones-Or just come up with something to offer yourself-As far as a cash offer-I do not even know where to start on this-How about five hundred for them all---But i do not know what there even worth today

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    ...that's a SCARY attitude to have about eBay :/....that being said, can I get a pic/price on the butkus please???
    ***Looking for no-hitter & p.g. inscribed omlb's*** signed 2012 Topps Heritage & signed 1987 topps***
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    What are you looking for as far as Post Cards I have a box of 50 to 100 older post cards probally from 40-60's most of them are used but there is alot that have never been used.


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    eBay doesn't allow people to buy fakes???? Are you serious?

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    If im sent your email i could email the pic to you

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    well you know what im talking about---if anything fake is sold then you could get your money back

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    Quote Originally Posted by kawhona4 View Post
    well you know what im talking about---if anything fake is sold then you could get your money back
    Collecting patches and autos of Buckeyes, SF Giants, Kevin Randleman and Mark Coleman items....
    Check the bucket for trades.....
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    The argument can't be broken!

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    if you dont want these then i will move on-thanks for your intrest

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