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    Best of products,let's be real.

    This new fad is really only displaying a laziness in the hobby that needs to stop.Alright fellow collectors all Leaf and that prospect rush garbage needs to stop,I mean why buy a box at that price range when you can do exactly what they did and buy it on the secondary market.Oh I forgot you would miss out on those 2nd grade artist's sketch cards.I don't know why as a collector anybody would buy into these type of products,it's a crapshoot with most products anyways but I like to see some innovation in cards not just something these companies had their henchman buy for as cheap as they could to put in a product where they are making money hand over fist.That is all Thoughts and Comments welcomed.
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    I don't get why anybody buys these products but they aren't going away. It is VERY profitable for companies to do these things so much so that small independent companies (aka a guy with an eBay account) are now putting up and selling these on the Internet.
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    I guess I'm in the minority, but I really like the Leaf Best of Football sketch card 1/1s, you can own a piece of art on a card and it's the only one made... what's not to like??

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    What's not to like is the 50 dollar hit they threw in with that 1 of 1 sketch card giving the 300 dollar box a 100 dollar return of investment at best.

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