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Thread: Oops i did it again!!

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    Oops i did it again!!

    Not quite the OMGness of my last break, but a very nice card regardless. The story behind this card is that I did not let the store manager pick one of the 3 packs on the shelf and I picked it out on my own. I gathered up the funds by selling off my Kadri Lettermarks auto and a nice Craig Smith CUP RPA and I was a little hesitant to sell the Kadri since he is hot right now. Nevertheless this product has been very good to me so I said what the hell and lo and behold my main hit from one pack of spgu golf was this beauty.

    As if getting Tiger Woods himself wasn't enough. I also managed to pull his female likeness! 5/5 as well. I realized that the pack was extremely thin so I knew I would get a skinny auto and I was lucky to pull one of the more desirable one's in the set. My game used card was a triple of Oosthuizen/Els/Schwartzel which I gave to the manager at the LCS since I already had one. This card is for sale or FT for I.K Kim autos and game used. Thanks!

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    awesome pull! what kind of trade value would you want for the card?
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    The only one I saw completed on ebay was $50, but an inked driver auto /5 sold for over 300 so I would have something in between in terms of money. Trade value? double that so we're looking in the 300 book value range at least.

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